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Construction Process Plan of Landscape Light Installation

1、 Laying of wire pipe and steel pipe:

(1) The design selects concealed laying of wire pipe and steel pipe, and the construction is carried out according to the construction process standard of wire pipe and steel pipe laying sub project. The purchase of wire pipe and steel pipe shall be strictly closed, and the junction box, light head box, switch box, etc. shall be provided with product certificate.

(2) The embedded pipe shall be closely coordinated with the civil construction, first to meet the layout of the water pipe, and then to arrange the electrical piping according to the location.

(3) Outdoor power distribution lines shall be laid underground through HDPE pipes with a buried depth of 0.7m. When crossing water system, the buried depth shall not be less than 0.5m. When crossing motorway, the cables shall be laid through steel pipes. L500.w300.h700 crossing well shall be set beside the courtyard light when the courtyard light line meets branch, and reliable waterproof measures shall be taken at all line branches (such as ip62 waterproof junction box).

Two. Threading:

The incoming of wires shall be strictly controlled for threading in the pipe. The specification and model of wires must meet the design requirements and have the factory certificate. After arrival, check whether the insulation resistance, diameter of wire core, material and weight of each coil meet the requirements. The mouth protector of response specification shall be selected according to the size of pipe diameter, and the specifications and materials of nylon crimping cap and wiring nose shall meet the requirements. The threading in the pipe shall be carried out after the completion of the construction work of the building structure and civil engineering. Firstly, the threading shall be carried out with Φ 1.2-2.0mm iron wire, with a margin of 10-15cm at both ends, and then the soil and dust of the pipe, switch box, socket box, etc. shall be cleaned. When threading, pay attention to that the wires of the same AC circuit must be threaded in the same tube, and the wires of different circuits, different voltages and AC and straight lines shall not be threaded in the same tube, except for the following situations: the circuit with standard voltage below 50V; the power circuit of the same equipment or the same flow line equipment and the control circuit without special anti-interference requirements; several circuits of the same lantern Several circuits of the same kind of lighting, but the total number of conduits in the pipe shall not be more than 8. Reserved length of Conductor: 15cm for junction box, switch box, socket box and light head box, and 1 / 2 of the perimeter of box in distribution box.

3、 light installation:

(1) lights and light sources shall be used according to the design requirements. All lights shall be provided with product certificates. Wiring in lights shall not be exposed, and lights and accessories shall be complete.

(2) According to the installation site, check whether the lights meet the requirements, and check the wiring inside the lights. The lights must be installed firmly, in the correct position, neat and beautiful, and the wiring is correct. For lights above 3kg, magnesium hooks or bolts must be pre installed, and the metal shell of lights below 2.4m shall be well grounded.

(3) After the installation, the insulation resistance of each branch shall be measured by telemetering, and then the power on operation is allowed. After power on, carefully check whether the control of the light is flexible and ready. The switch corresponds to the control sequence of the light. If any problem is found, power off first, and then find out the cause for repair.

4、 Grounding protection and safety measures:

(1) The grounding protection adopts TT mode. A closed ring artificial grounding device is set around the outdoor lighting box. The grounding electrode adopts 50 * 50 * 5l2500 hot-dip galvanized angle steel, and the connecting wire adopts 40 * 4 hot-dip galvanized flat steel. The grounding electrode spacing is 5m, the buried depth is 0.8m, and the grounding resistance is not more than 10 ohms.

(2) All lighting grounding terminals in the system shall be reliably connected with PE bus of lighting box and grounded after being reliably connected with PE line.

(3) In order to prevent lightning over voltage, primary surge protector is set in outdoor lighting box.

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