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The Lighting Selection Rules

In the decoration, different types of lamps, lighting sources, lighting types and lighting shapes will form different spatial effects. How to choose a luminaire to form a healthy and livable living environment, or how to choose a luminaire that meets the characteristics of space, the home environment and the aesthetic requirements? The following is how to choose the lamps from various spaces. room lighting

Living room lighting is still a good choice, depending on the size of the space and the style of the accessories. If the space is small, you can choose a main light, but if the space is slightly larger, you can create a space atmosphere through the main and auxiliary lamps. Because the living room is a place for visitors, it is best to have enough light. Commonly used with chandeliers plus downlights or strips, spotlights, etc.

  1. Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is a relatively private and relaxing area, and the lighting can be softened to ensure the owner’s mood is relaxed. Therefore, the lighting of the bedroom can be based on the warm yellow color, with the wall lamp or downlight on the bed to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

3.Restaurant Lighting

The luminaires of the restaurant can be selected according to the shape of the dining table. For example, a chandelier with a suitable height can be installed above the square dining table; a round table with a lively shape can be installed with a long chandelier above, or a circle can be added. Concealed test light to assist the light source; if the owner is more particular about the dining atmosphere, you can also choose a wall lamp that can be adjusted freely, which can better meet the dining needs.

  1. Study Lamps

The study room is the place to study and work, so we must pay attention to the sufficient brightness of the lighting. For the need of writing at the desk, you can also put a table lamp on the desk to not only meet the writing needs, but also meet the beauty of space. It should be noted that indirect light sources can also be placed around the ceiling for illumination, which can avoid visual glare damage caused by direct light.

  1. Bathroom Lighting

The use of the bathroom makes it suitable for incandescent, ceiling or wall lamps when choosing the light. The incandescent lamp has a fast start-up speed, and the white or yellow color temperature light can meet the different needs of the owner; the ceiling lamp is also a relatively common lamp, and the advantages need not be said; and the wall lamp has moisture-proof and waterproof in addition to the demand on the light. Features, more convenient to clean up.

  1. Corridor Lighting

Because the corridor space is small, and as a functional area transition space, many owners may ignore this part of the decorative choice, but if you can add a special lighting can also fill the color of the entire space. For example, it can be matched with an exotic shell wall lamp, which can not only assist the lighting, but also decorate the partical space; if the corridor is too long, it can be equipped with a spotlight with natural light on the top. It should be noted that the matching of some lamps must be considered in the overall style.

How to choose lights? The principle of light selection is mainly based on the function of the space. What kind of room is matched with the light, and the proper selection of the light in the whole residential area is also the starting point for the whole home environment.

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