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Ceiling LightsChandeliersHow to Choose Lights?

Dazzling under the Light, use the Lighting to Create a Perfect Family Atmosphere

The lighting design of a family is indispensable. Lighting is the soul of space. Different types of lighting can also create different light and shadow effects. In the design of home decoration, there are many points to pay attention to in the design of home lighting. The living room should be very rich and layered, the restaurant should be romantic and stylish, the study and kitchen should be bright and practical, the bedroom should be warm and comfortable, and the bathroom must be round and refreshing.

Classification of Home Lighting:

Indoor home lamps can be divided into chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, spot lamps, table lamps, floor lamps according to the installation method.

Chandeliers: Today’s chandelier can basically be adjusted in height, which can be limited to space market needs with different heights. But it is best not to fall too short, so as not to block your sight or feel really glare. Chandeliers are commonly used in homes as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and corridors. There are many kinds of chandeliers. Common types are European-style candlestick chandeliers, Chinese-style chandeliers, modern stylish chandeliers, and crystal chandeliers. Generally speaking, there are fewer lamp holders for a chandelier, which is composed of multiple small lamp holders, which consumes more power. You can choose as freely as possible to save energy. It is best not to freely choose a chandelier with a plating layer, which will fade easily over time.

Second, free choice of living room ceiling:

For living rooms with an area of ​​more than 20 square meters and a height of up to 2.5 meters, you can freely choose ceilings with exquisite appearance and different styles. However, if the living room area is small or the floor height is short, it is best to choose the ceiling light freely. Luxury chandeliers are generally suitable for large spaces or duplex homes, and concise chandeliers are suitable for general residences. The dust on the crystal chandelier is difficult to clean. Owners are better off asking whether they can choose the crystal chandelier freely according to the local environment.

Free choice of restaurant chandeliers:

While satisfying the basic lighting, the restaurant lights are more focused on creating a dining mood that sets off a warm, loving home atmosphere. You should choose as freely as possible light sources that can be adjusted in brightness (warm light is more likely to set off the color of the real thing and increase appetite). The dining room is often adjacent to the living room or kitchen, so the dining room lighting must match the decorative style of the adjacent space. If it is a stand-alone restaurant, the free choice and combination of the lamps and lanterns only needs to match the overall style of the restaurant furniture.

Height of restaurant chandeliers:

If a restaurant uses chandeliers as the main light source, it is necessary to confirm the hanging height of the chandeliers according to the height, size and table height of the restaurant. The length of most chandelier chains must be adjusted before installation. Generally, the lowest people in the family can’t touch their heads. If the chandelier is located directly above the dining table, it should be 55 ~ 65 cm from the table. The rustic industrial style chandeliers disintegrate the traditional design of chandeliers. The clearness of the glass and the texture of the iron metal have a historical charm. The warm light exudes a strong retro style. If you want to hang a crystal chandelier in the bedroom, you should be free to choose a small and beautiful crystal chandelier. However, from a psychological point of view, installing a chandelier in the bedroom will also increase people’s psychological pressure. It is recommended to maintain the open roof directly above the bed, and use a floor lamp or table lamp with a round light near the bed. If the area of ​​the bathroom is large enough, you can also choose chandeliers as the light source freely, but choose chandeliers with sealed lampshade and moisture-proof function.

Ceiling lights:

A light fixture that can be close to the roof and conductive on the roof has a wider range of lights than a chandelier. Because the ceiling light is directly installed on the roof, the problem of lack of light sources on the top can be prevented, and the light can be used to a large extent. It can also prevent the feeling of space depression when the height is not high. The price is relatively low and the style is more frugal, suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, bathroom and other spaces.


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