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Types of Mirror Front Lamp Light Source

Most women will purchase the mirror front lamp when do the bedroom or bathroom decoration. The mirrors are installed on the wall, and the lamps are installed in the middle of the roof. It is always backlighting when looking into the mirror. When you install a lamp over the mirror, it is more convenient for people to see themselves much more clearly. Then, I will introduce the different types of mirror front lamp light sources to you.

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  1. Incandescent Light

The incandescent light is not too picky for the form and shape of the lampshade and wide range of usage. However, the incandescent lamps’ energy dissipation is large. The heating consume 95% of the electric power. The life span is short. The incandescent lamp cost performance is relatively low for using it for the mirror front lamp.


  1. Fluorescent Lamp

The fluorescent lamp emits light by absorbing ultraviolet from the fluorescent material on the inner surface of the lamp. The conversion efficiency of the fluorescent lamp is generally twice of the incandescent lamp in the same power. Generally speaking, the luminous efficacy of light source is high and the life span is long.


  1. LED Light

Led lamp is also named light-emitting diodes, which emit energy in the form of photons. Compared with the previous light sources, the advantages of led lamp is more comprehensive. It is small size, low power consumption, and long life span. It is applied from outdoor decoration to household lighting gradually. Led lamp price is relatively expensive. If you use the LED light source vanity light over the bathroom mirror, I suggest you to consider it more carefully before you buy it.

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