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Ceiling Lights

How to Choose Ceiling Fan Light?

  1. Control mode

At present, the control mode includes five speed keys, five speed dial speed regulation, stepless electronic speed regulation, remote control speed regulation, etc., which should be selected according to the economic conditions and use conditions of each person.

  1. Functional practicality

Whether or not to bring lights and the number of lights depends on whether or not to lighting needs, even if not lighting plus lights or more beautiful, speed control generally with bead chain hand pull, such as the inconvenience of sleep can be installed with a remote control or wall control, some remote control and sleep timing function is very suitable for the night.

  1. Actual operation performance

First, turn the fan head by hand, and listen carefully to the sound when the fan head is running. It is better to be light and even. Then, connect the line, install the upper fan blade, and operate with power on. Before power on, the Governor shall be placed at the lowest gear. When the power supply is connected, the ceiling fan shall be able to start automatically, and then it shall be placed at the high gear to observe whether the vibration and noise of the ceiling fan are too large during operation.

Finally, put the governor in other gears in order to operate, and observe whether the speed regulation effect is obvious. If the electronic governor is selected, the operation and observation time should be longer under the condition of low voltage output to see whether there is heating, vibration and other phenomena.

  1. Motor form

There are two kinds of capacitor motors, i.e. cover pole type and capacitor type. The capacitor motor is relatively common. It has the characteristics of large starting torque and low power consumption, but the cost is slightly higher. But considering the long-term interests, it is better to choose capacitor motor.

  1. Power consumption problem

China’s energy is relatively tight, and consumers generally care about this index. Generally, the power consumption of ceiling fan is marked with the total input power on the motor nameplate, which can be compared and selected. The total input power indicated is the maximum power consumption that the ceiling fan is likely to achieve in normal operation. In general, the power consumption will not exceed this value.

  1. Style selection

The decoration mainly depends on which style and color you like. In addition, it should be suitable for the decoration style. Generally, the color of ceiling fans should be selected according to the dominant color of the family environment. Of course, the currently popular disorderly collocation can also try to have unexpected effects. The general style of hanging in the living room can be atmospheric and elegant, the optional smart type of children’s bedroom, and the color of women’s room can be selected the feeling is rich, the leaf fan, the bamboo weaving fan are suitable for the rural decoration style.

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