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Lighting Style Introduction: Mediterranean Lighting Style Characteristics

1. Features of Mediterranean-style ceiling lamps
Because of the geographical location of the Mediterranean Sea and the sun is plentiful, the decoration style of the Mediterranean Sea is also very rich in color, which reflects the most gorgeous colors. The entire bedroom is presented in a classic combination of blue and white, the arches on the background wall of the bed highlight the unique romance of the Mediterranean, and the Mediterranean chandeliers have become the finishing touch.

2. Features of Mediterranean-style chandeliers
The Mediterranean-style chandeliers not only have many bold uses in color, but also have many innovations in shape. The most typical ones are fan-shaped chandeliers, and also flower-shaped chandeliers. From The shape is very attractive.
3. The characteristics of the Mediterranean style table lamp
Mediterranean style table lamp is characterized by the use of a variety of colors or a variety of shapes on the lampshade, and there are many innovations on the base to highlight the Mediterranean style.

4. Features of Mediterranean-style wall lamps
Mediterranean-style wall lamps are more creative in shape. Often, they are designed into mermaids, rudders, shells and other shapes unique to the Mediterranean.
Mediterranean style lamps, do you feel the charm of the Mediterranean style? No matter what the shape of the Mediterranean lamp, hanging it indoors will bring different effects to the living room.

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