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What are The Styles of Lights: Nordic Style Lights?

Features of Nordic style lights

  1. This Nordic light has always given us the impression of simplicity and generosity, as well as elegant and luxurious space beauty. There are also countless designs in style. It should be noted that the materials are not the comparison of European-style lights. The most important thing is the beauty, viewing, adaptability and whether it can better express the style of the house.
  2. We can also see the manufacturing characteristics of the Nordic lights, which should be understood by few people. The production of Nordic lights is actually cold rolling the steel pipe and bending it manually Shape, then you need to polish, finalize, then plug and wash, and finally form a desired arc before painting it.

Nordic style lights with selected classic design.

The lighting illuminates our ordinary daily life. Although its existence is often overlooked, it actually plays a vital role in interior design style.

Although the classic chandelier products will not be too eye-catching, they will feel very comfortable for a long time.

The classic design is rooted in the user’s life. It is beautiful and simple, and will never let the user get bored.

Classic modern style chandelier

Suitable for living room and dining room lighting. Because the shape is simple, it can be matched with any style.

The same applies to solitary rooms. Use a black chandelier to infuse changes into an overly dull room.

Wrought iron petal chandelier

The chandelier ‘sopo’ is characterized by cute flower shapes and simple color matching. sopo stands for cute in Finnish. The lightshade is like a flower blooming on the roof of the shed.

The exposed shape of the bulb also gives a sense of freshness. Choose the blue lightshade to create a personalized space atmosphere and enhance the overall presence of the room.

Neutralize the personalized design with restrained black, giving the right mature impression. The perfect match with natural wind interior design.


Simple small chandelier

The chandelier ‘kolmio’ is characterized by its compact size, simple colors and shapes.

Kolmio means triangle in Finnish. The cute triangle is its characteristic, but its small size can interpret a simple and beautiful space design style.

As shown in the figure above, the length of the light line can be adjusted to show the dynamic space and create a unique space impression. 3 chandeliers at the same height look super chic.

Not only for the kitchen, but also for the living room. Choose from 3 different color combinations for a more stylish look.

Ceiling light group

The ceiling light ‘putki’ can be fully integrated into ordinary daily life. Putki means tube in Finnish. Putki’s name comes from four cylindrical shaped lightshades.

Choose black lights to make the interior design look relaxed. Create a mature atmosphere.

The white light is simple and natural. The overall design is filled with feminine softness.

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