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Precautions for Cleaning Crystal Lights

  1. When cleaning the bead string (especially the upper and lower part of the net), if the bead string is found to be twisted, it should be adjusted to achieve the flattening effect. If the flat “butterfly button” is used to connect, pay attention to that the front of the button should face outward and the interface should face inward, so as to make it beautiful and uniform. If the connection button of the bead is found to be rusty and discolored, it is better to replace it by the way. If the bead string is damaged, it should be supplemented in time.
  2. When cleaning the light body, do not rotate the light body to avoid loosening of the screw teeth, which may cause unsafe accidents. At the same time, check the firmness of the connecting parts of the light body. If it is found that the screw is loose, it shall be tightened by hand. If there is danger of slipping, the screw thread shall be replaced immediately to ensure safety.
  3. When cleaning the crystal chandelier, you must wear cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints or sweat stains on the crystal.
  4. When disassembling the crystal ball, it’s better to replace the small hardware on the crystal ball, such as the pin, so as to avoid unnecessary scratches on the crystal chandelier and tumble to the ground. If you want to remove all the beads and clean them, pay attention to the balance of the light body when removing the beads. Do not remove one side and then the other side, which will cause the light body to tilt, resulting in the deformation of the light body or the outer frame It should be disassembled in front, back, left and right.
  5. The hardware on the light rack must not be wiped with a towel that will shed hair, while the crystal ball that has been washed must be wiped with a towel with strong water absorption. If the water is not wiped dry, it will cause oxidation and rust of the crystal chandelier rack.
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