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Children’s Table Lamp Selection Steps

  1. Look at the light source

    The light source of the table lamp is strip-shaped, dot-shaped, round and ring-shaped. How should the light source of the table lamp be selected? The best choice is from ring to round to bar-shaped. Because the table lamp of the ring light source, the irradiation surface of the light source is more uniform, and there will be no phenomenon that the brightness of the local area is too high and the brightness of the partial area is insufficient.

    2. Watch strobe

    Stroboscopic can not be seen with the naked eye, stroboscopic is easy to cause children’s eyes to be tired and sleepy when reading, resulting in lack of energy to continue reading, want to sleep, and long-term use can also cause myopia. When choosing eye protection table lamps for children, be sure to choose eye protection table lamps without flicker. The simple way to detect whether the table lamp is flickering is to turn on the camera function of the mobile phone and face the lit place of the illuminated table lamp. The black shadow is not a jump but a non-stroboscopic desk lamp.

    3. Look at the color temperature

    The color temperature of a desk lamp that meets the operating standards should be around 4000K (± 15%). This color temperature makes people sober and warm. Under this color temperature, reading and learning are calm and efficient. If the color temperature is too high, the blue light value will be higher, so it is not suitable to use the table lamp alone at night, and it needs to be used together with other light sources. has already mandated that the color temperature of desk lamps sold on the platform must be controlled at 4000K (± 15%). So when buying eye protection table lamp, you must pay attention to not the better the better.

    4. The direction and height of the light source can be adjusted

    The height of the child ’s seat when writing is different from the writing habits. The position of the table lamp and the height of the human eye are different. If the light source is not adjustable, it is not conducive to the position of the light source. The position is only in the upper left corner of the desk. The adjustability of the light source is convenient for the user to effectively adjust according to actual needs during the use process to achieve the most comfortable effect. At the same time, it can also avoid the direct light source to the eyes, which is conducive to better reading.

    5. Shade:

    Please buy a yellowish white light desk lamp, because the light yellow white light is suitable for children’s reading and writing lighting. The bluish white light stage has a certain damage to human eyes, it is recommended not to buy.

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