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Entrance Lighting Decoration Feng Shui, Entrance Lighting Decoration Feng Shui Layout

The porch is the first place we see after entering the house. Although the porch is not large, it is also relevant. Among them, the porch lighting is worthy of praise. The porch lighting should not only be practical, but also pay attention to feng shui. Now I will organize it for you. Entrance lighting, let us understand together.

As for the main light of the porch, when the porch is high or the main light is above the porch, it is best to choose a ceiling light instead of a chandelier, because the chandelier press will generate considerable feng shui Negative energy negatively affects the couple’s fortune; the shape of the ceiling lamp is preferably square instead of round, because Fang Zhujing is active, and the porch is the place to sleep and sleep. Nature should not be quiet. In terms of the free choice of the shape of the hallway auxiliary lamps, you only need to pay attention to the lamps that are not free to choose the corners and the hallways.


According to the principle requirements of the yin and yang balance of the primary and secondary lights in the entrance hallway, in the entrance hallway, the main lamp should be bright and the auxiliary lamp should be dark. Here Ark Zhouyi warns you that you must pay attention to three points. First, you must not let the light directly shine on the entrance, especially in the entrance. Among them, the light of the spotlight is the most lethal, and the down light is the second. Keep the “black light blind” state for a long time, that is, the main light should always be on, the auxiliary light should be turned on occasionally, and the lamp should be repaired if it is broken. Third, the main light line should not be colorful and colorful.

Fixture location

In the porch, the position of its main light must be the center of gravity or center position of the entire aisle; and the positional relationship between the auxiliary light and the main light generally has two types. One is to surround the main light like a moon and stars; the other is less in height than the main light. This is the reflection of the yin and yang balance in the positional relationship between the primary and secondary lamps. In addition, Ark Zhou Yi must warmly warn that a wall lamp should not be installed in the middle of the hallway, so the lamp is called a “permanent lamp” in Feng Shui, which is a big image. Fixture size

In the hallway, the size of the main light must follow two principles. One is to match the space size of the hallway; the other is to coordinate with the size of the auxiliary light. In theory, the auxiliary light should be small and the main light should be large. Use the small size of the auxiliary light to highlight the large size of the main light. This is the necessity of the yin and yang balance of the main and secondary dimensions of the entrance lighting.

Number of lamps

In the porch, the number of main lamps can only be odd and only one; the number of auxiliary lamps is generally required to be even. For example, if wall lamps or table lamps are installed on both sides of the bed, they must be paired in pairs according to the Feng Shui principle.

Flat mounting

In home feng shui science, the odd number belongs to yang and the even number belongs to yin, so this is the reflection of the balance of yin and yang in the quantitative relationship between the primary and secondary of the entrance lamps.

Today, I firmly believe that everyone has their own understanding of the Fengshui of the entrance lighting decoration, and also understands that the entrance lighting occupies a very important position in the home Fengshui, so I hope everyone will remember to follow the arrangement of the editor when decorating the entrance lighting. Content for decoration, I firmly believe that we can design a very practical and very good entrance.

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