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How about European-style lamps? European Pastoral Style Lighting Features and Purchase

Today’s life is inseparable from lighting, and lighting must be supported by lamps. At present, there are many types of lighting on the market. Among them, European-style rural lighting is the most popular, beautiful and practical, and it can be well displayed. The decoration style of the living room and the inherent quality of the owner. Although everyone’s love of European-style lighting has been diminishing, but many people don’t know much about it. The following editors will take everyone to take a look> European pastoral style lighting characteristics and purchase knowledge.

European lighting features

  1. European pastoral style lighting is mostly made of iron, resin, glass and cloth. It can be bent into a special shape according to our needs during production, and then polished, hammered and washed. Coloring and other processes become a complete lighting. In addition, the lighting made of resin materials is more beautiful overall, and it will perfectly interpret the low-key luxury of European pastoral style.
  2. European-style lamps made of glass are also a mainstream lighting material currently used in homes. Glass has strong permeability. After coloring, the lighting is very beautiful. In addition, there are two types of glass: blown glass and brushed glass. The lighting style is very beautiful.
  3. When producing European-style pastoral style lighting, we will pay great attention to the symmetry of the aesthetics of the space. The interior of this style is expressed through reasonable and symmetrical proportions, which will not make us look very tacky.

European style lighting

  1. Look at the lighting logo: When you buy European pastoral style lighting, you must look at the logo on the lighting, such as the lighting model, voltage and power, etc., and you must choose according to the actual electricity consumption of the household, so as not to cause deformation of the lighting shell due to excessive power Happening.
  2. Look at the height of the lighting: European garden lighting mainly uses chandeliers, and chandeliers have a certain height. Considering the height of the family house, you must pay attention to the height when buying. It is recommended that you choose height-adjustable lighting and use it. It will be very convenient.
  3. Look at the lighting materials: Everyone knows that there are many kinds of materials for European pastoral style lighting, such as iron, resin, etc. The lighting effects made by different materials are different. Everyone must be based on the actual home decoration. Choose style and color.
  4. look at the lighting load: Generally speaking, European-style lighting is relatively heavy, because the chandelier has more decorative objects, the natural weight will increase accordingly. When buying, you must consider whether the load capacity of the lighting is up to standard, especially the lighting support must be sufficient to support the weight of the entire chandelier.

The above is the introduction of European pastoral style lighting characteristics and purchase. Since European pastoral style lighting is a kind of lighting that everyone likes, you must be careful when selecting it. I hope the above introduction will help you.

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