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What is the Color Taboo of Living Room Drop Light?

Living room lights choose more chandeliers, because the three-dimensional decorative effect of such lights is relatively good. No matter which type of lights are selected, there are still particular colors in Fengshui. What are the color taboos of living room chandeliers? How to choose the color of crystal chandelier? Many people may not be clear about it. Don’t worry. Let’s have a look.

Sitting room drop light

The living room and the porch belong to the sun. The light in the living room should be high enough and bright enough to spread the light in the whole living room. If there are many light sources, try to use the same elements of lighting to keep the overall style consistent. If the living room area is large, lighting can be used to divide the area. Warm color chandeliers can be used on the dining table to create a warm dining atmosphere, a dimming floor light can be placed beside the sofa, and several small spotlights can be installed on the display frame. Small spotlights, chandeliers or ceiling lights can be installed in the corridor to improve the poor lighting situation.

General living room lights and lanterns choose warm white light, because the style of our house decoration is mainly Yang, and the choice of lights and lanterns should consider the warm color system, so that we can match the decoration style of the house. And warm color lighting can make people feel warm and angry, while cold color lighting always gives people a sense of mystery. And the choice of red light always brings people anxious psychology, disturbs people’s mind and will also affect family harmony.

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