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What Kind of Lighting is good for the Living Room? Teach You Know to Choose the Living Room Lighting

At present, there are many types of lighting in the market. Different styles, materials, sizes, and colors, etc., bring different lighting effects. So what kind of lighting is used in the living room?

The living room is the key space of the house. It is equally important whether it is the decoration design of the hard decoration or the soft decoration, especially the soft decoration design of the living room. The design and matching of the soft furnishings in the living room are all designed to create a specific atmosphere. If you want this atmosphere to become more intense, you must have the lighting support. Therefore, the lighting in the living room has become very much important. Because there are many types of lighting on the market today, different styles, materials, sizes, and colors, etc., bring different light effects, so what lighting is used in the living room?

Only from the lighting itself, we often pay attention to its quality when buying, so we will carefully check whether there are relevant quality inspection certificates and warranty books when buying. Then choose the appropriate lighting according to the decoration of your own living room. The following will focus on the selection of living room lighting.

Pick by style

There are many styles of home decoration. Different styles show different aesthetics, so the lighting choices are naturally different. The same lighting decoration will have many styles like home decoration. For example, European-style living room decoration usually uses gorgeous crystal chandeliers, which are often larger and heavier. If it is a modern minimalist style, a simple style of ceiling or ceiling lamp can be used. If it is a new Chinese style decoration, you must buy a ceiling lamp or chandelier with a Chinese element design. Only in this way can it be more beautiful.

Choose according to the height of the floor

Whether it is a self-built house or a purchased commercial house, the living room has a fixed floor height. Like self-built houses, there is no need to worry about the height of the floor, and commercial buildings often have insufficient floor height. If the height of your house is not high enough, or the ceiling is renovated, then it is recommended that you choose ceiling lamps, which will not look small in the living room. If the height of the living room is high enough, and the living room area is large enough, ceiling lamps and chandeliers are both available, and you don’t need to worry about the small living room space. In short, the living room lighting should be determined according to the actual size and height of the living room.

Pick by light

Normally, the decoration of the living room should be bright and transparent, but the family structure of each family is different. If your living room is connected to the balcony, or the living room has large windows and the lighting is very good. Next, the requirements for lighting selection are not very strict. We can consider installing light strips, spotlights, etc., and use these auxiliary lights as auxiliary light sources to illuminate the living room. It can also make the living room atmosphere better and improve the living room.

The quality and taste of the decoration

Of course, there are many types of auxiliary lighting, such as down lights, floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. You can choose according to your needs.

There are many factors to pay attention to in the selection of living room lighting. In addition to the size, style and style of the lighting, it must be determined according to the actual decoration of the living room and the size of the living room.

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