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Chandeliers, Wall sconces and Ceiling Lights

Chandeliers, Wall sconces and Ceiling Lights


A chandelier is a high-end decorative lighting that is mounted on an indoor ceiling. Whether the pendant lamp is hung by wires or iron supports, it should not be hung too short, hindering normal sight or dazzling.

Taking the chandeliers in the dining room as an example, the ideal height is to form a pool of light on the dining table, but it will not hinder the sight of everyone on the table. At present, the chandeliers have been fitted with springs or height adjusters, which can be adapted to the floor of different heights and needs.

Type of chandelier

The chandeliers full of nautical style are from Spain with a long history of navigation. These lights are both plug-in and oil-lit, which is very suitable

Chandelier (OLED)

Chandelier (OLED) (5 photos)

Interior design in pursuit of flavor.

Crystal chandelier is suitable for living room, bedroom, dining room, corridor, hotel and other lobby. The chandeliers have the most patterns. Commonly used European-style candlesticks, Chinese-style chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped lanterns, pointed-shaped lanterns, beam-shaped lanterns, pendant-ball chandelier, magnolia-shaped lanterns, Olive chandelier and so on. There are two types of single-head chandeliers and multi-head chandeliers for the living room. The former is mostly used in the bedroom and dining room. The latter should be installed in the living room. The lowest point of the installation height of the chandelier shall not be less than 2.2 meters from the ground.

European style candle holder

European classic style crystal chandelier, inspired by the ancient people’s candlestick lighting method. At that time, people placed several waxes on the hanging ironwork.


candle. Many chandeliers are now designed in this style, except that candles are changed to bulbs, but the bulbs and lamp holders are still candles and candlesticks.

Crystal chandeliers

There are several types of crystal lights : natural crystal cut-shaped chandelier, heavy lead crystal blow-molded chandelier, low-lead crystal blow-molded chandelier, crystal glass mid-range chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-cut cut chandelier, crystal glass bar chandelier Wait.

Most of the crystal lights  on the market are made of imitation crystals, but the materials used for imitation crystals are different. High-quality crystal lights  are made of high-tech materials, and some sub-optimal crystal lights  even use plastics as imitation crystals. Materials, light and shadow effects are naturally poor. Therefore, be sure to compare and identify carefully when buying. The commonly used crystals are K5 and K9.

Chinese chandelier

Classic Chinese chandeliers with bright shapes are suitable for installation in the foyer area. At the entrance, the bright light gives a warm and joyful atmosphere, and the Chinese pattern tells the flamboyant guests that this is a traditional family. It should be noted that the specifications and style of the lamp should be matched with the living room. In addition, if you want to highlight screens and decorations, you need to add spotlights.

Fashion chandelier

Most people may not want to decorate in European classical style, and modern style chandeliers are often more popular. There are many styles of modern chandeliers on the market. There is a lot of room for selection, and various lines can be selected.

Consumers are better to choose a pendant lamp that can be installed with a light source of energy-saving lights . Do not choose a pendant lamp with a plating layer, because the plating layer is prone to fade over time. Choose chandelier that is consistent inside and outside with all metal and glass materials.

On the market, a chandelier of around 200 yuan can have a certain quality guarantee.

the difference

European chandeliers and Chinese chandeliers have obvious differences in the classification of chandeliers. Two levels of differentiation are in the entire decoration industry.

Chandelier pictures

Chandelier pictures

Different design inspiration

European-style chandeliers were inspired by the ancient candlestick lighting style, while Chinese-style chandeliers were inspired by the ancient Chinese lantern style.

Second, the difference in appearance

European chandeliers are more layered and full of rationalism. The Chinese chandelier continues the traditional Chinese style, and its shape is relatively simple. Generally, it is oval shaped like an ancient lantern, or founder shaped like an ancient palace lantern. European-style chandeliers pay attention to gorgeousness and extravagance, while Chinese-style chandeliers emphasize their culture and pay attention to symmetry and squareness.

Differences in cultural atmosphere

European-style chandeliers are magnificent and appear mainly in more gorgeous and noble places. The Chinese chandelier has a strong artistic atmosphere, and generally appears in places with strong ethnic style and cultural and artistic atmosphere areas. And it doesn’t conflict, it depends on personal preference.

In short, European chandeliers and Chinese chandeliers each have their own characteristics. Designers in the decoration industry must understand their cultural history before they can do office decoration!

Buying tips

For some families, the dining table may be long due to the purchase, so you can consider decorating with a few small chandeliers. Every chandelier should have a switch so you can open up smaller or larger light spaces as needed. You can choose five or seven light bulbs for the space, or a restaurant chandelier with a slim appearance. The glass has a transparent texture, and the combination of ceramics and glass, such as a lily-shaped chandelier, will be addictive.

There are methods for selecting the chandelier: the height of the suspension, the material and form of the lights hade, and the lamp ball must be carefully selected to avoid causing uncomfortable glare. The height of the chandelier should be appropriate, generally about 55–60 cm from the table top, and lights ¬†that can be raised and lowered at will should be selected to facilitate adjustment and selection of height. Like a beige beige chandelier made of plastic, the shape is natural and free of carving, and the spiral shape of the lights hade can be adjusted at will.

Maintenance and cleaning of chandeliers: Generally, more beautiful chandeliers usually have more complicated shapes and lights hades. If the lights  are wet and dusty, the lights  are often prone to rust and paint. The annual drop is about 30%, and within a few years, the chandelier will be dim and dull.


Luxury chandeliers are generally suitable for duplex residences, and simple low-voltage lanterns are suitable for ordinary residences. The most expensive grade is the crystal chandelier, but there are few real crystal chandelier. Crystal chandelier is mainly sold in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. The sales volume in the north is very small, which is also related to the quality of the northern air, because the dust on the crystal chandelier is not easy to clean. . Consumers are better to choose a chandelier with a sub-control switch, so that if there are more heads of the chandelier, they can be partially lit.

In addition, the hook of the chandelier is also very important. It must be able to bear 6 to 8 times the weight, otherwise there is a danger of the chandelier falling and hurting people.

Maintenance and cleaning instructions

It is best not to wash the lights  with water, just wipe them with a dry cloth dipped in water. If you accidentally touch the water, try to wipe them as soon as possible. Do not wipe them with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamp, because the bulb will burst when exposed to high temperature.

In addition, remember not to use the chandelier in a house that is prone to moisture, as it will easily cause the chandelier to fall off. In addition, regular inspections are required from time to time.

Chandelier installation

Large chandelier is installed on the structural layer, such as floor slabs, roof chords and beams. Small chandelier is often installed on a shelf or a reinforced joist. Whether a single chandelier or a combination chandelier is produced by the lighting factory at one time, The difference is that a single pendant lamp can be installed directly, and the combined pendant lamp should be installed after the combination or when it is installed. For large-area and strip-shaped lighting, the form of hanging light boxes and lamp stands is often used.

Material preparation

(1) Construction materials: The following materials are commonly used.

‚φ Timber (different specifications of water, wood strip, water board), aluminum alloy (plate, profile), steel (section steel, flat steel, steel plate) are mainly used as supporting members.

‚Ď° Plastic, plexiglass plate, and glass are used as separators, and external decorative veneers, heat sinks, and copper plates. Anodized aluminum plates are used as decorative components.

‚ĎĘOther accessories such as screws, nails, rivets, finished lights , adhesives, etc.

(2) Construction tools: pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, electric jigsaws, electric hammers, manuals, rulers, paint brushes, etc.

Structural layer connection

(1) Operation method: mainly consider the connection of embedded parts and transition pieces.

‚φ First embed iron or wooden bricks in the structural layer (except for water-bearing bricks). The buried position should be accurate and there should be sufficient room for adjustment.

‚Ď° Set transition joints on iron parts and wooden bricks, so as to adjust the tolerance of the fittings, and can be nailed, welded and screwed with the fittings.

‚ĎĘ The boom and sling are connected with the transitional connector.

(2) Installation Precautions: Pay attention to the following three points during installation and construction.

‚φ If there are multiple chandeliers during installation, pay attention to their position and length. You can install the chandeliers at the same time as installing the ceiling, so that the position and height of the lights ¬†can be adjusted based on the ceiling joists.

‚Ď° The out-of-ceiling surface of the boom can be directly ejected and the method of adding casing. The method of adding the pipe is favorable for installation, which can ensure that the ceiling panel is complete, and only drill the hole where the pipe is needed. The hanging cup directly out of the ceiling is difficult to rectify when drilling holes on the board. Sometimes it is possible to install the boom first and then cut the panel to dig the hole for installation, but it will affect the decoration effect.

‚ĎĘ The boom should have a certain length of thread for height adjustment. Suspend the light box under the sling boom, pay attention to the reliability of the connection.

Joist connection

The suspenders and slings are directly nailed, screwed on the secondary joists, or connected to the riser grid by the above-mentioned method of perforating the board surface. Or hang on the additional cross joists between the secondary picks. The power of the light source used in Ceiling lights s: incandescent bulbs are 40 ~ 100W, fluorescent lights  are mostly 30 ~ 40W.

Decorated living room

The style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room. The characteristics of the chandelier are striking, so the style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room. The European style chandeliers with metal and glass decorative parts are magnificent, the wooden Chinese palace lights  and Japanese-style lights  are rich in national flavor. The chandeliers synthesized with different color glass covers are beautiful and elegant. The bead curtain lights  are exciting, dazzling, Gorgeous feeling, and the chandelier made of soft cloth and silk lights hade is beautiful and soft and warm.

1, shape and grade selection of living room decoration lights  and lanterns should consider the harmony with the living room atmosphere, but also strive for elegance and strive for luxury. The living room is the facade of the home. Lighting that is too ordinary may not show your decorative mood and looks a bit shabby, and too luxurious may make the visitors have too much psychological pressure and cannot let go. The method of purchasing decorative lighting for living room indicates that the main lighting of the living room should not be too dark or dazzling in appearance and grade. When there are few people in the living room, you can turn off the main lighting and turn on a wall light.

  1. Local lighting can use floor lights , Wall sconces , etc. The effects of use and decoration can meet the corresponding requirements. Watching TV and casual reading is more suitable for high-floor floor lights . The method of purchasing living room decorative lights indicates that in local lighting, it is best to turn off the ceiling lights when watching TV and reading. Turning on the floor lights will not only glare, but also allows The environment is more peaceful and elegant.
  2. General lighting The method of purchasing living room decorative lights can use Ceiling lights s in general lighting. Usually, a single or multiple head chandeliers can be installed in the middle of the house as the main lamp. The living room decorative lights can create a stable, generous, warm and warm atmosphere. So that guests have the right feeling of returning to their own home.
  3. If you are accustomed to living in the living room, the standing lamp and table lamp in the living room space are mainly decorated, and the function is supplemented by the design. Standing lights and table lights are auxiliary light sources for each space. In order to coordinate with the space, lights  with strange shapes are not suitable.
  4. If the room is high, it is advisable to use three to five incandescent chandeliers, or a larger circular chandelier to make the living room look magnificent. However, it is not suitable to use all the chandelier with downward light distribution, but the upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower spaces.
  5. If the room is low, you can use Ceiling lights s and floor lights . In this way, the living room looks bright and generous, with a sense of civilization. Floor lights are placed next to the sofa. Low wall lights, in this way, not only have local lighting when reading, but also add a friendly and harmonious atmosphere when the guests talk.

Bright and comfortable light helps to enjoy the atmosphere in getting along, and reduces the burden on the eyes during leisure. It can also meet other needs in different situations and periods. Therefore, the lighting of the home living room has a certain skill in choosing and matching.


Wall sconces(

Wall sconces  are auxiliary lighting decorative lights  installed on indoor walls. Generally, they are equipped with milky glass lights hades. The power of the bulb is mostly about 15-40 watts, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can embellish the environment elegant and rich, especially suitable for the wedding room. There are many types and styles of Wall sconces , such as Ceiling lights s, color-changing Wall sconces , bedside Wall sconces , and mirror Wall sconces .


Wall sconces  are mostly installed on balconies, stairs, hallways and bedrooms, and are suitable as long-beam lights . Color-changing Wall sconces  are mostly used for festivals and festive occasions. Most of the bedside Wall sconces  are installed on the upper left of the bedside. Concentrated for easy reading; wall lights in front of the mirror are mostly used near the bathroom mirror.

The installation height of the wall light should be slightly higher than the horizon of 1.8 meters. The illuminance of the wall lamp should not be too large, so it is more artistically appealing. The choice of wall lamp lights hade should be determined according to the wall color. White or cream-yellow walls, light green, light blue lights hades, lake green and sky blue walls, It is suitable to use a milky white, light yellow, and brown lights hade. In this way, a prominent wall lamp is decorated on a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčone-colored wall cloth, giving people a sense of elegance and freshness.

The light wires used to connect the wall lights should be light-colored, so it is easy to apply paint that matches the wall color to keep the wall tidy. In addition, you can first dig a small groove in the wall just to embed the wire, insert the wire, fill it with lime, and then apply the same paint as the wall.

Lighting classification

Living room lights

Generally speaking, if the living room is high, it is advisable to use three to five incandescent chandeliers, or a large circular chandelier, which can make the living room look magnificent. If the living room space is low, you can use Ceiling lights s and floor lights , so that the living room looks bright and generous, with a sense of time. The floor lamp is placed next to the sofa, and the decorative table lamp on the side table of the sofa. If a lower wall lamp is placed on the nearby wall, the effect is even better. Not only is there some local lighting when reading books and reading newspapers, but it also adds a friendly and harmonious atmosphere when the guests talk. A small wall lamp can also be installed on the rear wall of the TV. The light is soft to protect eyesight.

Bedroom lights

Bedroom light is dominated by soft, warm colors. Wall sconces  and floor lights  can be used to replace the ceiling light in the center of the room. Diffuse material lights hades with low surface brightness should be used for the Wall sconces . The wall above the bedside is fitted with a brown carved glass wall lamp, which has a simple, elegant and deep charm. The bedside table can be used with a table lamp for mother and son. If it is a double bed, a lamp with a dimmer switch can be installed on each side of the bed so that one person is not disturbed by light when reading books and newspapers.

Restaurant lights

The lights hade of the dining room should be made of smooth glass, plastic or metal materials, so as to be cleaned at any time. It is not advisable to use woven or gauze fabric lights hades or lights hades with complicated shapes and pendants. The light source should be yellow fluorescent or incandescent. The light is mainly warm and warm. If Wall sconces  with warm colors are appropriately arranged on the nearby walls, it will make the atmosphere warmer and increase appetite when catering to guests. The bathroom is a relaxing place, so the entire bathroom should be evenly illuminated with bright and soft light. Smaller bathrooms need only a ceiling light; larger bathrooms can use diffuse ceiling lighting or ceiling and wall lighting. Wall sconces  should be used instead of Ceiling lights s in the bathroom to avoid condensation of water vapor on the lights  and affect the lights . Wall sconces  are used to illuminate the bathtub, and the light blends into the bath, exuding a warm atmosphere, making the body and mind extra relaxed. Note, however, that this wall light should be moisture-resistant.

The lighting in the room is no longer limited to the “one room, one lamp” in the past. How to properly mix chandeliers, Ceiling lights s for flood lighting, and Wall sconces , table lights , floor lights , etc. for local lighting and special lighting. , To create a comfortable and pleasant light space with different emotions, becoming a renewal requirement of the romantic family. The wall lamp plays an increasingly important role in it.

There are many types and styles of Wall sconces , such as Ceiling lights s, color-changing Wall sconces , bedside Wall sconces , and mirror Wall sconces .

Ceiling lights are mostly installed on balconies, stairs, corridors, and bedrooms, and are suitable as long bright lights; color-changing wall lights are mostly used during festivals and festive occasions; bedside wall lights are mostly installed on the upper left of the bedside, and the lamp head can be rotated in all directions to focus the beam. Easy to read; the wall lamp in front of the mirror is mostly used for decoration near the bathroom mirror.

Determine the installation position

Wall sconces  are generally installed in staircases, entrance halls, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. of public buildings.

(1) The height of the general wall lamp is 1440-1850mm from the working surface (refers to the horizontal plane 80-85cm from the ground), that is, 2240-2650mm from the ground. The wall lamp in the bedroom can be closer to the ground, about 1400 ~ 1700mm.

(2) The distance of the wall lamp to pick out the wall surface is about 95 ~ 400mm.

installation method

The installation method of the wall lamp is relatively simple. After the position is determined, the wall lamp holder is mainly fixed, and the embedded lamp or punching method is often used to fix the wall lamp on the wall.

Glue construction

There are many coating methods, but the following are commonly used.

  1. Brush method

Applying the adhesive to the bonding surface with a brush is the easiest and most common method. This method is suitable for single piece or small batch production and construction.

  1. Spray method

For low viscosity adhesives, ordinary paint spray guns can be used for spraying. For those high-viscosity adhesives with a short active period and difficult cleaning, a spray gun from Burt made in the reinforced plastics industry can be used. The spray method has the advantages of uniform glue application and high work efficiency; the disadvantage is that the glue solution is lost (about 20-40%), and the solvent is lost in the air to pollute the environment.

3Ôľé Artesian method

Use rain-type automatic device. This method is very suitable for flat plate-shaped parts, with high work efficiency, and is suitable for mass production. In order to prevent the glue from blocking the nozzle, the glue used must have appropriate viscosity and fluidity.

4Ôľé Roller coating

The lower half of the rubber roller is immersed in the glue, and the upper half is exposed to the outside directly or indirectly through the printing roller to contact the working surface. The workpiece is driven to rotate the rubber roller to apply the glue on the bonding surface. In order to achieve different glue application effects, the rubber roller wheat noodles can have different grooves and patterns. You can also change the rubber roller pressure or use a scraper to control the amount of glue. Rubber rollers can be made of rubber, wood, felt or metal.

  1. Blade coating

For high-viscosity limb-shaped and paste-like adhesives, and for adhesives such as flooring, etc., glue can be used to apply glue. To the rubber sheet can be made from 1 to 1.5mm thick elastic steel plate, rigid polyvinyl chloride plate and other materials.

  1. Other glue methods

Such as dip coating method, injection method and so on.

Open and display

After the adhesive is painted on the bonding surface, in order to make the adhesive easily diffuse, wet, penetrate and evaporate the solvent, leave it to stand in the air for a period of time. The process of standing from the end of glue application to the time when the two bonding surfaces are bonded together is called air-drying.

After the two adhesive surfaces are glued and allowed to stand, they are bonded to each other, but they are not stored under pressure for a period of time. The static storage process from the time of bonding (assembly) of the bonding surfaces to each other until artificially adding a predetermined pressing force is called Chen Fang (or closed assembly and closed stacking). The moisture (or solvent) of the adhesive basically stops evaporating during the storage time. However, diffusion, wetting, and penetration are slowly progressing.

The time for drying and aging depends on the type of adhesive. Generally there are three methods.

(1) Do not need to be air-conditioned and aged. Adhesive and compact immediately after gluing. Adhesives that fall into this category are hide glue, bone glue, and hot melt.

(2) It needs to be air-conditioned after being glued, and it is allowed to be aged. These are solvent-based, latex-based, and chemically reactive adhesives containing organic solvents.

(3) Apply glue on both sides, leave it dry to the touch with your fingers, and touch the coated strands with your fingertips to achieve a similar level of stickiness (non-sticky). Press it immediately after bonding, no need to put it on. Belonging to this category are solution-based rubber adhesives.


  1. The need for compaction

The adhesive produces an adhesive effect at the same time as curing. Therefore, in the curing process of the adhesive, ensuring that the adhesive surfaces are in close contact is an important condition to ensure that the adhesive effect occurs: this requires that the adhesive must be bonded to Apply pressure to the surface, at least contact pressure. If the adhesion surfaces cannot be kept tight during the curing process, it is necessary to create voids in the adhesion layer, which will affect the quality of the adhesion. Appropriate application of the pressing force can improve the wettability of the adhesive and the permeability to the surface irregularities, and help to form a complete thin and uniform adhesive layer.

  1. Compression force

The amount of medical tightness is related to factors such as the type of adhesive and the type of adhered material, and is generally in a wide range of 0.2 to 1.5 MPa. The compaction time depends on the type of adhesive and curing temperature. The application of the pressing force usually starts after laminating or aging, and the pressure is not released until the adhesive is completely or substantially cured.

3Ôľé Requirements for compaction operation

The general requirements for the compaction operation are: proper compaction force, uniform pressure distribution, sufficient compaction time, and no deformation of the adherend (except for special cases).

4Ôľé Pressure method

There are many types of compression methods, and the choice should be made according to the type, shape characteristics and infusion characteristics of the adherend. The commonly used compression methods are lever weight pressing, spring clamp pressing, multiple weight medical tightening, sand bag area tightening, air bag cushion, spring pad, autoclave, nail area tightening, screw clamp pressing, The method of tightly isolating laminates is shown in Figure 12-3-1.


Curing is a physical and chemical process in which the adhesive changes from a colloidal state to a solid adhesive layer through solvent evaporation or chemical reaction, and at the same time produces an adhesive effect. The curing quality has an important relationship with the curing conditions (temperature, time, pressing force, etc.). The curing conditions of common adhesives are shown in Table 12-3-8. During operation, the curing conditions required by each adhesive must be met, which is an important part to ensure the quality of the adhesive.

The curing temperature plays a decisive role in curing speed and curing quality. Even for adhesives cured at room temperature, it is advantageous to increase the curing temperature (within 100 ¬į C). Table 12-3-9 is the minimum curing temperature of common adhesives and the minimum film-forming temperature of emulsion adhesives. At temperatures below this value, the curing process cannot proceed.

How to buy

Focus on lights hade quality

When buying a wall lamp, first look at the quality of the lamp itself. The lights hade is usually made of glass, while the bracket is usually made of metal. The lights hade mainly depends on whether the light transmittance is appropriate, and the pattern and color of the surface should echo the overall style of the room. Whether the corrosion resistance of the metal is good, whether the color and gloss are bright and full are all important indicators for checking the quality.

Light brightness

Generally speaking, soft light is better, the power should be less than 60 watts. In addition, you need to choose different types of Wall sconces  according to the needs of the installation. For example: if the room is small, use a single-headed wall lamp; if the room is large, use a double-headed wall lamp; if the space is large, you can choose a thicker wall lamp; . The last thing to note is that it is best to choose a wall lamp with a protective cover for the bulb, which can prevent the wallpaper from igniting and causing danger.

Purchase considerations

The style and specifications of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the installation site. For example, a double fire wall lamp can be installed in a large room, and a single fire wall lamp can be installed in a small room.

The color of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the color of the wall.

The thickness of the wall light should be coordinated with the environment of the installation site. If the surrounding area is large, a thick wall light can be selected; if the surrounding area is narrow, a thin wall light can be selected.

The power of the wall light source should be consistent with the purpose of use.

The height of the wall lamp should be slightly higher than the head.

Ceiling lights(

Ceiling lights, as the name implies, they are called Ceiling lights, because the top of the lamp is flat and the bottom is completely attached to the roof during installation. Light sources include ordinary white bulbs, fluorescent lights , high-intensity gas discharge lights , halogen lights , LEDs, and the like.

At present, the most popular Ceiling lights  on the market is the LED Ceiling lights , which is often used in homes, offices, entertainment venues and other places.

Ceiling lights  is a kind of lamp. As the name implies, it is called Ceiling lights  because the top of the lamp is flat and the bottom is completely attached to the roof during installation. Light sources include ordinary white bulbs, fluorescent lights , high-intensity gas discharge lights , halogen lights , LEDs, and the like. Currently the most popular on the market is led Ceiling lights s, which are often used in homes, offices, entertainment venues and other places.

It originated from 1995 to 1996. Because it resembles the sun, people in the industry called it “sunlight” at the time. Before 2000, the Ceiling lights s had a single style and a single material. Most of them used low-end materials. Bulbs, and mainly inductive Ceiling lights.


Functional division

Different light sources are suitable for different places, such as use

Ceiling lights

Ordinary incandescent bulbs and fluorescent ceiling lights are mainly used for lighting in places with a floor height of about 4 meters, such as homes, classrooms and office buildings. The lighting level of the factory building is 4-9 meters. In order to achieve a sufficient height for the working surface while saving power, fluorescent ceiling lights  are often the first choice for home, school, store and office lighting.

Appearance division

Commonly used ceiling lights  are: square hood ceiling lights , ball ceiling lights , pointed round ceiling lights , hemisphere ceiling lights , hemisphere ceiling lights , small rectangular ceiling lights , etc.

LED ceiling light

LED ceiling light is a kind of lighting that is absorbed or embedded in the roof ceiling. It is the same as chandeliers. It is also the main indoor lighting equipment. It is often used in homes, offices, entertainment places and other places. LED ceiling light one

Ceiling lamps with a general diameter of about 200mm are suitable for use in aisles and bathrooms, while those with a diameter of 400mm should be installed on the top of a room of not less than 16 square meters. There are two types of LED ceiling lamps on the market: D-shaped tubes and circular tubes. When buying LED ceiling lights, please look at it three times. Once the product identification is complete, the identification of regular products is often more standardized. It should be identified: trademark and factory name, product model specifications, rated voltage, rated frequency, and rated power. Second, see if the power cord of the lamp has the CCC safety certification mark. The cross-sectional area of the external wire should be ‚Č•0.75 square millimeter. Thirdly, check whether the charged body of the lamp is exposed. After the light source is installed in the lamp holder, the fingers should not touch the charged metal lamp cap.


The choice of material is directly related to the service life of the ceiling lamp. This is a problem that should be paid attention to and solved in the design of the ceiling lamp. In addition, the texture of the material cannot be ignored, which is directly related to the consumer’s vision and touch. The materials used to make the lamps include metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, etc. Among them, the metal has a long service life, is resistant to corrosion, and should not be aged, but it is easily outdated due to long use time. Relatively speaking, the use time of plastic lamps is relatively short, its aging speed is relatively fast, and it is easy to deform under heat. The lighting life of glass and ceramics is also relatively long, and the material itself is also relatively fashionable. At present, the green materials appearing on the market have also attracted the attention of designers at home and abroad, such as paper materials. Green materials are the foundation of green product design. Vigorous research and development of green materials can help the development and promotion of green products.

Design trends

1) Functional breakdown. The traditional lighting function of ceiling lamps is not enough to satisfy consumers, and the combination of living room ceiling lamps with daily necessities is becoming increasingly popular.

2) Luxurious modeling. As life becomes richer and richer, consumers’ aesthetic needs increase, and living room ceiling lamps are becoming more luxurious and upscale.

3) Advocating nature. In order to cater to the urban consumer’s return to simplicity and respect for nature, many ceiling lamps have adopted natural shapes. In addition, the material of the lampshade is also widely used in natural materials such as paper, wood and gauze.

4) Rich colors. In order to keep pace with the colorful life, many ceiling lamps are now covered with “colorful” clothes.

5) High technology. With the development of science and technology, electronic technology is widely used in the design of living room ceiling lamps, such as ceiling lamps adapted to different voltages, ceiling lamps with adjustable brightness, infrared red light ceiling lamps that emit far away, and so on.

6) Energy saving. At present, energy-saving ceiling lamps are very popular with consumers. For example, long-life energy-saving lamps with 3LED cores can not only save energy, but also select brightness according to needs.

7) Environmental protection. Environmental protection is a constant topic of ceiling lamp design. This is related to the earth we inhabit and has attracted the attention of consumers. This will become the main development direction of home lighting in the future.

Design Points

In terms of the appearance and grade of the lamp, the designer should consider the coordination with the living room atmosphere, at the same time, strive for elegance and luxury. The living room is the facade of the family. The ceiling lamp in the living room is too bland, which does not reflect the decorative style of the living room, and it is a bit shabby; too luxurious will make the visitor have psychological pressure and cannot let go. In the design process, we must fully consider the psychological requirements of consumers and closely integrate products with people. The design should also consider saving energy, and energy-efficient lamps or energy-saving light sources should be selected to reduce the loss of power distribution lines. Under the premise of not affecting work, study, and life, appropriately reduce the illuminance and increase the utilization factor and maintenance factor of the lamp.

Market development

The development of the ceiling lamp market is divided into three stages: one is “the market has a large sales volume and the production cannot keep up”; the second is “there are many brands and each has its own share”; the third is “the competition is more fierce and everyone grabs the cake” .

Although the ceiling lamp market seems to be booming and the market capacity has not been reduced, the ceiling lamp market has some “bubble colors”. Many small and medium enterprises have no development and marketing, but they continue to disrupt the normal economic order; there are still some Medium-sized companies put aside product elements and specialize in marketing, which makes it easy to break into a misunderstanding-because products are the foundation of marketing. From the results of spot checks on the quality of ceiling lamps by the national quality inspection department in the past two years, it can be seen that the ceiling lamp companies pay too much attention to the price and ignore the product itself. The quality of the ceiling lamps is worrying, bringing consumers’ personal and property safety. Huge hidden danger.

Most ceiling lamp companies lack two main elements: technical personnel and product production equipment. Enterprises should re-examine their own strengths and weaknesses. Only by solidifying the foundation of the enterprise and playing it steadily can they not be eliminated by the fierce competition in the market.



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