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How to Choose Lighting Supplies, Energy Saving and Emission?

Reduction are the Key

Power saving and environmental protection is one of the obvious learnings of modern people’s lives. Not only does each month’s electricity bill be more friendly, but it can also make a contribution to sustainable life! But first of all, we must understand the common knowledge of lighting. Often people misunderstand that a bulb with a larger wattage must be brighter, but the exact discrimination criterion for the brightness is the measurement of the light energy of the human eye, which is used to measure the luminous flux of the bulb. The unit of the total amount; in comparison, “wattage” is the energy consumption power required to restart the light bulb, which is the main factor that requires the number of power consumption and electricity bills. When choosing the lamps freely, in addition to considering the lamps that can change the brightness, make life more convenient and changeable; also remember to give priority to the field inspection of the energy-saving LED bulbs and the combination of high lumen + low wattage when choosing the bulbs In order to achieve a bright and energy-saving effect. Light is the magician of space, but also expresses the personality and taste of space and master. Use a lamp of your own to illuminate the road of life! Bright, warm, love, sweet, warm, all kinds of charming light expressions, for Life creates a more diverse and detailed feeling. The above content mainly introduces how to choose lighting supplies. Energy saving and emission reduction are the key.

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