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Placement of Aquarium Lights

The water lamp and ceiling lamp must be placed in a position that can reach the fish, otherwise it is useless to install it. So in the end how to place the aquarium lights and ceiling lamp in the aquarium? Many fish lovers are very entangled with the placement of the water lamp. The light line is not long enough. It is placed in the center of the water. The light shines on the water, and the fish is also beautiful.

In fact, the water lamp is ideally placed at a 45-degree angle parallel to the water surface and the aquarium. In addition, the lamp can also be used for two purposes when the lamp is turned on! The advantages of uniform, soft and uniform light distribution can be placed in the middle of the aquarium!

In fact, in order to avoid eye drops, the use of underwater lights and ceiling lights can be avoided. Especially as perfectionists, we always hope that the fish we raise are attractive and bright-eyed, so not only do we need to use ceiling lights and underwater lights together. We must also pay attention to their placement. Only scientific and reasonable use of lights can achieve a dual effect, and make our fish grow healthier and more beautiful.

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