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How to Buy Aquarium Lights?

The color of the lamp used in the aquarium depends on the type of fish. The blue fish tank light can create a deep blue sea atmosphere, which is very suitable for common three lake ornamental fish or sea fish; the red light source can deepen the color of red dragon, parrot and other fish, and it looks brighter. Daylight in nature is suitable for most tropical fishes. Tropical fishes in the sun can fully show the nature of color.

You can use any color of the lights in the fish tank. The light does not have much effect on the fish itself. Only some fish with unstable colors are prone to fading under strong light for a long time. In this case, the timer switch will be more convenience. Colored lights will distort the fish’s own color and lose its natural flavor. What lamp should I use for the fish tank? If it is purely ornamental, personal recommendation is to use white light, the most natural is the most beautiful. If you feel that the color is monotonous, you can do something on the background paper of the fish tank. Aquatic type background paper is a good choice, which can highlight the gorgeousness of tropical fish. Background paper is cheap and can be replaced at any time

Selection of aquarium lights

Step 1: Calculate the wattage of the fish tank light required for the water tank

In fact, the demand wattage of fish tank lamps has a widely spread rough formula in the aquatic plant world, which can calculate the theoretical value of demand. Remember, it is a theoretical value

In terms of fluorescent tubes (T5 / T8) (similar to other types of lamps):

Shallow tank: For water depth below 30cm (excluding bottom sand), the wattage of the fish tank lamp per liter of water is 0.5 ´Ż× 0.6W;

Medium tank: For those with a water depth of 30cm ~ 40cm, the wattage of the fish tank lamp is about 0.7 ~ 0.8W per liter of water;

Deep tank: For those with a water depth of 40cm ´Ż× 50cm, the wattage of the fish tank lamp should be 0.9 ´Ż× 1.0W per liter of water.

Reminder: Green waterweeds are calculated at a low standard, and red waterweeds are calculated at a high standard. The calculated result can be used as a reference value, but it is better to compare with the actual condition of the aquatic aquarium. If the aquatic aquarium is full of negative aquatic plants, the calculated value may be slightly higher than the actual If all the plants in the aquatic aquarium are strong-light aquatic plants, the calculated value may be slightly lower than the actual demand. At this time, according to the theoretical value and the actual situation of your own water tank, determine how much lighting you need.

Suitable configuration of aquarium and light

Generally, aquariums of 30 cm length use 10 watts, 60 cm use 15 watts, 80 cm use 20 watts, 1 metre use 25 watts, 1.2 meters long use 30 watts, 1.3-1.7 meters or more use 40 watts, 1.8 meters or more can use two 25 watts or 30 watts side by side. Simply put, you can choose the wattage of the lamp according to the capacity of your aquarium. Generally, one watt of light is required for each liter of water. Generally, the aquarium is usually illuminated by two lamps in the front and rear (that is, a double lamp holder is selected), which has a better effect. Of course, for a narrow aquarium, a light tube is sufficient.

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