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Selecting the Types of Aquarium Lights

As long as the spectral peak of the output of the lamp matches the spectral range of chlorophyll a and b absorption; the light emitted by the lamp can meet the viewing requirements and can be used as a fish tank lamp for aquaculture.

Fluorescent lights

Advantages: the most prominent is energy saving, the light efficiency is 5 times that of ordinary light bulbs, and the life is 8 times that of ordinary light bulbs.

Disadvantages: Mercury pollution during production and after use, and flickering of lights, affecting vision.

Metal halide light


1.bright enough;

  1. Slow decay, if it is not bad, you can continue to use it without changing the bulb;

3´╝ÄThe lighting effect is good, the water surface is sparkling;

  1. It can be hoisted higher than the lamp panel, which is convenient to reach into the cylinder for care at any time;
  2. Strong lighting penetrability, metal halide lamps must be used for water depth above 60CM;
  3. Metal halide lamps are power-saving compared to fluorescent lamps. Metal halide lamps generally do not need to change the light bulb, fluorescent lamps must be replaced after a period of time, otherwise the plants will not grow.


1.high heat;

2.glare, especially bad for children;

3.the heat is large, and the temperature rises in summer; grass can not grow red;

  1. the quality of domestic metal halide lamps is uneven;

LED lights


1.small and very light

  1. it consumes no more than 0.1W of power, and the power consumption is low
  2. With proper current and voltage, the service life of LED can reach 100,000 hours, and the service life is long.

4.High brightness, cold light technology, low heat

  1. Made of non-toxic materials, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  2. Long life: Some people call it LED light source as long-life lamp.

Disadvantages: expensive, constant current drive is required, heat dissipation is not easy, and light decay is easy.
Xenon lights


  1. Low wattage, strong brightness, 10 times longer life than traditional halogen bulbs.
  2. The color temperature is similar to sunlight, and contains more green and blue components.
  3. the luminous flux is more than twice that of the halogen lamp, it has a relatively high energy density and light intensity, and the operating current is only half of the halogen lamp.

Disadvantages: more expensive

PL lamp (energy-saving fluorescent lamp)


  1. It has high light efficiency (5 times that of ordinary light bulbs), and it has obvious energy saving effect.
  2. long life (8 times that of ordinary light bulbs).
  3. small size, easy to use and so on.

Disadvantages: The tube is short and suitable for small cylinders.

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