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How to Choose Eye Protection Light?

1、 Look at the light source

When purchasing eye protection table lights, be sure to open them in the physical shop to see their light source. The ideal light source should be close to the natural light, and have the characteristics of no stroboscopic, the brightness can be adjusted to 4 to 6 levels, and the light is uniform.

2、 Look at the certificate

When purchasing eye protection light, you should check their certificates, mainly including product certificate and safety certificate, which must be complete. In addition, there must be a national security compulsory certification mark, that is, “3C” certification mark.

3、 Color temperature value

The color temperature value of the light tube determines the softness of the light. Too high or too low is not good. 4000k-5200k is suitable. Among them, the eye protection light of 4000k-4500k is slightly redder and softer, which is suitable for primary school students; and the color temperature value of 4500k-5200k is suitable for middle school students and children of above age.

4、 After sales service

When purchasing eye protection table lights, we should choose brands with high popularity and good reputation, because their after-sales services are relatively perfect. In addition, they will provide consumers with extra lights for future use.

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