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How to Choose a Mirror Front Lamp


All fluorescent light sources illuminates through a ballast resistor. The ballast resistor can bring instantaneous starting voltage and stability during operation. The quality of the ballast resistor directly determines the life of the mirror front lamp and the light effect. The ballast resistor which produced by the formal manufacturers has the better quality.


Notice the every detail of the front mirror light. Consumers must pay attention to the detail of the light source (light bulb, light pipe), switch and socket when purchasing the light. Try to read the product detail page carefully and find the right one light for you.


Use a consistent style when you choose the mirror front light. The color, shape and style of the mirror front light should match with the style of interior decoration. The mirror front light should be integrated with the overall style of the bathroom. The style may be simple, new rhyme, nostalgic, avant-garde, pastoral, or urban romance. The style is reflected through the light and shadow and let people enjoy the beauty of the light.

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People who installed the mirror front light should know how important it is. It makes full use of the mirror. It is not visible due to lack of light when we look into the mirror. Then the installation of the mirrors is meaningless. How to choose the light source for the mirror front light is very important. However, you have to choose it according to your needs.

I hope the above introduce helps when you decided to buy a mirror front lamp. Thank you for your reading.

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