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How to Choose Fluorescent Light?

1、 Safety

In fact, this is the most basic requirement and guarantee for an LED light. Of course, the most important factor for all products is safety. That’s why people put safety first in their products, including production safety, which is often the most basic requirement, which has been ignored by most LED manufacturers. What they value most is how to save costs and profits To maximize, not to consider the interests of customers, which is why many LED lighting manufacturers continue to close down.

2、 LED light source

Traditional plug-in LED light products can transmit heat through pins, but due to the poor conduction ability, the heat of LED chip will accumulate a lot after a long time, which greatly reduces the life of LED light beads.

We use LED light beads with the following characteristics:

  1. The chip completely adopts regular square LED chip (Note: the quality and price of square and round chips and wool chips are very different, most of which are wool chips used. Only two kinds of glue are used for LED packaging: Dow Corning andglue; as long as people who have a little knowledge of the LED market know that these two kinds of glue are very expensive, three or five times the price of ordinary glue. Many manufacturers pursuing the maximization of price basically choose ordinary domestic glue. The products made by this kind of product have no problems at the beginning of use. After a long time, it will be found that the light will decline seriously, the color of lightbeads will turn yellow easily, or even the light will die, which will affect the use.
  2. 99.9999% pure gold wire is used for the lead in LED chip. The pull-up ability and heat conduction ability of gold wire are very good, which is also the most basic common sense.

Because of the above two points, the thermal conductivity of our LED light beads is guaranteed to be stable, so that the LED can transmit the heat of the chip to the aluminum profile, and then let the aluminum profile radiate the heat to the air. In this way, the temperature of the LED chip when it works is extremely low, which guarantees the life of the LED light tube and slows down the light decay of the LED light beads to the greatest extent.

3、 Power supply

The main requirement of LED driving power is double high, that is, high power factor (PF), high conversion efficiency. The products with PF = 0.9 or above have far exceeded the requirements of power grid standards of all countries in the world, so as to reduce the pollution of power grid; and the products with high conversion efficiency, the electric energy has been converted into light energy with the maximum limit, reducing the generation of heat.

Generally, there are two kinds of LED driving power: isolated and non isolated. I will teach you the most local way to judge whether the LED driving power is isolated or not: the isolation volume is too large, and the safety factor is the highest in use. But for cost reasons, the market for segregated products is not as good as the market for non segregated products. So in this paper, the author mainly discusses the non isolated driving scheme. Here are our power features:

  1. It can accept the normal power supply (85v-264v) and constant current IC control all over the world. The general voltage fluctuation (the voltage difference between day and night is relatively large) does not affect the brightness of the LED, which ensures the constant brightness and the working temperature of the chip;
  2. Low power consumption, power conversion efficiency up to 0.9, power factor up to 92%;
  3. With load open circuit, short circuit protection, output over-voltage protection and other functions, good current ripple characteristics, output current similar to DC, ensure no flicker;

4、 Heat dissipation

As we all know, the most important thing for the life of LED is whether the heat is emitted. As we all know, there are three ways to dissipate heat: conduction, convection and radiation.

The following are the thermal characteristics of innovative technology led light:

  1. The high-quality aluminum substrate with 1.2 thermal conductivity and high-quality LED lightbeads ensure that the heat can be transmitted smoothly from the chip to the aluminum substrate, and the excellent quality of the aluminum substrate determines whether the heat can be transmitted to the aluminum profile;
  2. The aluminum substrate pasted with LED lightbeads clings to the aluminum profile through heat conduction paste to make the heat flow freely, which is different from the phenomenon that the contact surface between the aluminum substrate of LED lightand the shell is too small and the heat conduction is not smooth.

After the above heat dissipation treatment, under the working environment temperature of 25 ℃, the LED light produced by innovation technology was tested and found that the shell temperature was about 45 degrees, which was calculated according to the normal temperature rise of 13-15 degrees. At this time, the working temperature of the LED chip was about 60 degrees.

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