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Installation Method of Fluorescent Light Bracket

  1. Electronic rectifier type: there are six wires on the rectifier, two of which are connected to the power supply at one end, and four wires at the other end, which are distinguished by two colors respectively. These four wires are connected to the fluorescent light holder, but they must be connected in groups and cannot be crossed.
  2. There is a “cover” on the top of the light holder. Take it down and it will expose the wires, ballasts, fixing screws, etc. cut off the wires and unscrew the screws. The whole light holder will be removed from the wall.
  3. Iron core rectifier: the connection method is basically the same as the above, except that a group of disconnection (not cross) shall be respectively taken from the pins at both ends of the light tube, and the two wires after disconnection shall be respectively connected to both ends of the starter base.
  4. During installation, the wide side shall be fastened to the light mask side, and the narrow side shall be fastened to the light shade. You need to connect one end of the ballast to the switch (live wire) and the other end of the light to the foot (1 end and 1 pin) of one end of the light, connect the zero line to the foot (2 end and 1 pin) of the other end of the light, and connect the starter to the foot of two ends of the light to the foot of one end and the foot of two ends respectively All right.
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