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How to Think about How Lighting can Improve the Dining Atmosphere?

In the design of catering buildings, lighting design is the most important part of interior design. Better lighting design can create a pleasant dining atmosphere and make the indoor light environment complement the restaurant’s cuisine, flavor, grade, and style. How to consider lighting to improve the dining environment and family dining atmosphere in the decoration design of family restaurants?

  1. The lighting of the restaurant is mostly local

The light directly above the table is the focal point of the light. The lighting of the restaurant plays a role in enhancing the overall aesthetic, and also produces a candle-like effect. To facilitate scrubbing, the restaurant can use glass, plastic or metal smooth lampshades. In order to facilitate cleaning, you can freely choose the hood-type, multi-head, and combination type of lamps; the shape of the lamps is consistent with the overall style of the restaurant

  1. Free choice and arrangement of restaurant lamps

The final effect of lighting design must also be achieved by lighting fixtures. Not only that, lighting fixtures are also the most important part of interior furnishings. Generally speaking, the lamps often used in restaurants also include: table lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, down lights, grille fluorescent lamp panels, and reflector lamp slots. Table lamps and wall lamps are generally used as ambient lighting or general lighting supplementary lighting. In many themed restaurants, in order to prevent a dull single light, a few table lamps or wall lamps are often added to the overall light to supplement the serious lack of table illumination, and very rich in space. However, since the positions of these two lamps are relatively low, the light-shielding treatment of the lamps should be done to prevent glare in the range of human sight. Chandeliers are common in quite large restaurants and high-grade ballrooms. Due to the widespread nature of its lights, it is mainly used as general lighting. Its biggest feature is that it is located in the center of the restaurant’s interior space. In addition, it is the brightest object in the space, so it is often the center of people’s vision. Its shape and style require the restaurant’s taste and grade to a large extent. ¬†For example: some banquet halls use magnificent crystal chandeliers in order to show the aristocratic temperament. Some flavor restaurants with a marine theme have specially designed fish-shaped chandeliers to convey design ideas. In some restaurants where down lights or fluorescent lights are used as general lighting, chandeliers can also be used as supplementary lighting. At this time, the size of the chandelier above the dining table is related to the size of the dining table. According to the horizontal length of the table, the size of the chandelier cannot be much larger than 1/3 of this length. The height of the chandeliers should be about 60 cm above the dining table. The down light is a small-caliber lamp that is embedded in the ceiling. Its biggest feature is its simple appearance and strong concealment, which is difficult to arouse people’s attention. In restaurant lighting, you can use it alone to get a good overall light, or you can combine down lights along the wall with center-located fluorescent lights to overall light the restaurant. At this time, not only can you obtain uniformly distributed overall lights, but also Can enhance the lighting of decorative walls.

Grille fluorescent lamp panel is an indispensable lighting fixture for restaurants with high illumination requirements. It has become the first choice for fast food restaurants and low-end restaurants with its high light efficiency and economy.

  1. Restaurant lighting light and color

From the perspective of indoor lighting design, low-light-temperature light sources should be used in low-light spaces, and light sources with high color temperatures should be used as the illuminance increases, otherwise it will produce a hot feeling. However, in the lighting design of restaurants, regardless of the level of illumination, a low color temperature light source should be used (for restaurants using mixed lighting methods, general lighting with high color temperature and local lighting with low color temperature can be used together). This is because in the human evolution process, it has long been accustomed to manufacturing workers under white and bright light, and under these conditions, the body mechanism of high-frequency breathing and heartbeat was formed. On the contrary, at night, people are accustomed to talking and sleeping around a warm bonfire. At this time, people will be at low frequency breathing, relaxing and comfortable body mechanism. Most restaurants have to create a comfortable and warm dining environment. In order to adapt to the habits that humans have formed for a long time, we better choose a warmer light source. In this way, not only a warm and pleasant atmosphere will be formed indoors, the warm light overflowing from the translucent glass windows and the bustling dining crowd will form a moving picture, but it will also attract pedestrians along the way to eat. Compared with this, restaurants using white and cool white light sources have a somewhat lonely, desolate impression. The atmosphere of the restaurant can create a relaxed and elegant style for any banquet with various lights controlled by dimmers. The lighting of the restaurant requires rounded, quiet colors and sufficient brightness. Not only does the family need to see the food accurately, but also it must match the surrounding environment and the dining table, chairs, tableware, etc., forming a visual beauty.

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