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How to Choose Living Room Lights? How to Look Good in the Living Room Lights?

In addition to looking at the appearance of the light, the inner of the light is also very important.

First, look at the color temperature

The unit of color temperature is k (expressed in Kelvin). The lower the color temperature, such as about 3000k, the yellow light is displayed, and the higher the color temperature, such as about 6000k, the white light. Generally, restaurants recommend yellow light (yellow light can increase appetite to a certain extent. Also, the deli outside will usually install a yellow light inside the food cabinet, so you will feel delicious.)

White light or warm white light is recommended in the living room. White light will look bright and bright during the meeting. Warm white light will make people feel warm and comfortable. Other spaces can be white or warm white light according to preference.

Styles and styles

The light is the soul of the whole decoration. It can be regarded as the finishing touch. A good light can definitely add a lot of warmth and score to the home. Of course, if the style is not selected correctly, the overall space will also appear uncoordinated. Now the mainstream style has new Chinese style, modern simplicity, Nordic style, American style, Chinese style, because I don’t know what style of decoration the landlord has, here are a few styles of lighting stores.

  1. Simple Nordic

Focusing on Nordic minimalist shops, with a strong sense of design, there are many different styles of shops. You can directly buy a whole set of lights. There are also many net red lights. The value is online. The quality is high. The price is high. .

  1. Classical Chinese

The classic Chinese style is innovative in the original style. The classic pattern and the simple light body also have a flavor. The Chinese style and the new Chinese style are quite good.

  1. Light luxury American

The retro old American style, the most popular style in the 1970s, has returned to the eyes of the public in recent years. The rustic American style of suspenders + candle bulbs + black iron frames has always been a classic.

Atmospheric European

I don’t like European-style lights very much. One is not easy to clean. The other is that the shape is too exaggerated. I prefer Nordic or modern lighting with simple design.

  1. Classical Japanese

A brand founded by a group of design lunatics can no longer be described as a light. It is more like an artwork, more suitable for hotels, home stays, and some places with sufficient space for operation. Therefore, it is not recommended for ordinary families to install their headlights. , Can’t stand the artistic style, if you like, you can buy a small light, the reflection in the lake and a small pendant light is recommended.

Third, size and matching

In order to meet the demand for appearance, the basic lighting has made concessions in lighting brightness, so it will lead to a situation, buy a small light, the brightness is not enough, buy a large light, it looks very crowded

  1. Size

If the floor height is lower than 2.6 meters, it is not recommended to buy a chandelier. Reserve 2.2 meters to ensure that normal people will not touch the lights. Of course, you can choose 40cm or smaller flat chandelier.

The diameter of the light is selected according to the area. The size of the main light in the living room of about 15 square meters is recommended to be about 80-100cm, and the living room of 20 square meters is recommended to be about 100-120cm. Of course, the actual situation will vary. Visual effects will also look crowded.

  1. Collocation

There are several types of mainstream living room lights.

A: One main light

B: main light and auxiliary light

C: No headlight design

As the name implies, there is only one light. The advantage of this type is convenience. It only needs to leave a line and it is almost ready. It can be dropped or not suspended.

I personally recommend this design of the main light + auxiliary light. It is common to use down lights or spotlights or lights to assist. The advantage is that you can basically not have to consider the lighting ability of the main light. It will be more layered and more choices. For example, the main and auxiliary lights are on when the guests are on, and they are bright. For example, when you are opening a movie, you can only turn on the down lights to create an atmosphere.

The main light-less design has only begun to ignite in the past two years. The biggest advantage of this design is that the overall space will be particularly atmospheric after the main light is not used. This design mostly uses embedded down lights and hidden lights. Lighting, at the same time, the space requirements are relatively high, natural lighting is better. This style is now mostly used in hotels, clubs, etc., it will be more deserted for general households, and the location of the lights and lanterns must be planned before the renovation. Set aside enough wire sources.

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