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How to Choose Light Style?

The choice of lights varies from person to person. Everyone has their own different styles of interest. Even the cultural level, hobbies, social, economic, age and occupation of each person will be different when choosing lamps. Not to mention the difference in the style of the choice of lamps due to the different decorative styles.


The pastoral style is dominated by warmth and softness. Small floral, white gauze, wooden and other essential decorations. The main recommendations are crystals, candles and flowers.


The definition of modern style is more extensive, and the materials are basically stainless steel and aluminum composite panels. The shape is simple and generous, more attention to function, according to the genre with different lighting. More geometric shapes and irregular patterns


The Chinese style is the pursuit of elegant and subtle, dignified and retro Eastern spirit. Adhering to the details of the decoration is the natural taste, flowers and birds, fish and insects, etc., rich in change, etc. fully reflect the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics. In the choice of lamps, the Chinese-style lamps are mainly used, and it is also possible to appropriately match the modern lamps with thicker book volumes.


European style, derived from the Europa state style, based on romanticism, the decoration materials are commonly used marbles, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, the whole style is luxurious and rich. The lamps are matched with classical lighting with a sense of design, with low-key luxury crystal lamps, marble lamps and wrought iron lamps.

The last thing to say

When installing the luminaire, if you install the sub-control switch, you can save a lot of troubles. It can choose to turn on a few lights at any time. If there is a passage at the entrance of the house, it is best to install a switch at the end of the passage, so that the power can be turned off directly after entering the door, which is absolutely necessary for the lazy.

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