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How to Choose the Right Home Lighting? What Should be Paid Attention to When Choosing a Lighting Fixture?

Lamps belong to indispensable decorations in home decoration. In addition to playing the role of lights, they can also be used as decoration. Different lights can create different atmospheres. So how do you choose the right home lighting? The types of lighting on the market Diverse, according to different spaces, there are different styles, so what must be paid attention to when choosing lamps? Let’s take a look together.

Pick out the lamps used at home, first freely choose the basic functional lighting, such as chandeliers, wall lamps, etc., and then match auxiliary lamps such as stand lamps, table lamps, etc. When choosing, choose as freely as possible that is not allowed by the style trend, because there is no Only certain styles can be matched with strong, durable, and beautiful.

Taking wall lamps as an example, most of them are installed in entrances, corridors, bedrooms or hallways, mainly for guidance. The main function of the porch is to move the aisle, and it can be used for indirect lighting or function-oriented lighting, such as a night wall lamp, and it can also be used for decoration. The bedroom, as the main sleeping area for people, is also a private place and sleeping environment in the home life. In terms of lighting, it is also necessary to meet the actual needs of the space. , Using the changing lighting situation and light and shadow projection, keep the bedroom space quiet and warm, and create a restful atmosphere. The light wall lamp cannot be matched with the style trend to be strong, durable, and durable. The shape of the light wall lamp absorbs the shape and structure of the traditional bank lamp, which is retro and simple.

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