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Streetlight Industry Knowledge: What are The Types of Streetlights?

First. Types of road lighting

  1. According to the height of street lights: high pole street lights, middle pole lights, road lights, courtyard lights, lawn lights;
  2. According to the material of the street light pole: hot-dip galvanized iron street light, hot-dip galvanized steel street light and stainless steel street light;
  3. According to the light source of the street light: sodium light street light, LED street light, energy-saving street light, new Somin xenon street light.
  4. According to the shape: Chinese light, antique light, landscape light, single-arm street light, double-arm street light.
  5. According to the power supply mode: city circuit lights and solar street lights, wind and solar street lights

Street lights involve lighting technology and are suitable for street lights. The purpose is to design a high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street light with long life, low power consumption, high power factor, and low current harmonic content.

Secondly, Types of road lighting fixtures

Street lights are usually classified according to the shape of the light they emit. The specific division method is recommended by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) according to the three contents of projection, expansion and control.

â‘  Projection. It indicates the degree of diffusion of light emitted by the light along the longitudinal direction of the road. It is divided into three types: short, medium and long.

② Expansion. It indicates the degree of diffusion of the light emitted by the light in the horizontal direction of the road. It is divided into three types: narrow, normal, and wide.

③Control. It indicates the degree of glare controlled by the light, which is divided into three types: limited, medium and strict.

There are several installation methods for street lights: bracket type, high type, straight pole type, suspension cable type and suction wall type.

Thirdly, What is good for street lights

High-pressure sodium lights for street lighting are preferably D metal halide lights.

From the perspective of lighting professionals, incandescent lights have the best color rendering, but low luminous flux and poor light efficiency. Its luminous principle is heat radiation. Mercury vapor lights are like fluorescent lights and common fluorescent lights. It uses gas ionization to excite the phosphor to emit light. Its color rendering is low, but its luminous flux and light efficiency are much better than incandescent lights. Besides neon lights, it has few other benefits. Lighting light; metal halide light has good performance in all aspects, especially its power can be made large, and its life is longer than other lights.

Fourthly, the difference between street lights and landscape lights

1.different height

The normal height of the street lights is 6-12 meters, and some street lights are 6-20 meters. However, the general height of the landscape light is 3-6 meters. This is because the landscape light is ornamental. It does not need to be made too high. The higher the cost, the more materials are required.

2.different lighting power

The lighting power of street lights will generally be relatively large, which will be in the range of 250-400W, and should be considered based on factors such as the width of the road, the surrounding trees, the height of the light pole, and whether it affects the surrounding residents.

Landscape lighting lighting power is relatively small, generally 80-150W, and may be smaller. This is because the landscape light has basic lighting effect, and its biggest function is to have strong viewing. Its light source power can reflect the overall shape of the light, and it does not need to be too bright.

3.Different application places


Street lights are generally used in urban or rural main roads, secondary roads, city squares, residential areas and other places, and the lighting needs are generally relatively large.

Landscape lights are generally installed in separate areas, such as parks, gardens, high-end communities, commercial pedestrian streets and leisure squares. Landscape lights also appear in many tourist attractions.

  1. Different functions

The main function of road lights is to illuminate, which should be able to provide pedestrians and vehicles with better lighting brightness. However, the landscape light only needs basic lighting. It is mainly ornamental, which is used to decorate the surrounding environment and create an atmosphere.

The shape of the street lights is not so diverse, and generally there are several. However, the shape of the landscape lights is very, very random, and free. It can be customized according to the surrounding environment and special reasons.

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