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Advertising Light Box Production Method

  1. Materials needed

(a), a strip of material made of wood or metal and a triangular-shaped bracket used to form an overall frame.

(b) Prepare professional light source materials, such as LEDs.

(c). Special color board for advertising light box, such as PVC material.

  1. Production methods:

(a), “customized quantity” design

Before making the light box, fully communicate with the customer on the type of materials, expected size, color, publicity effect, placement requirements, etc., and understand the customer’s needs, then design a rough model of the light box.

(b), firmly and safely install the lamp

Before installing the lamp head, don’t fire and other lighting equipment, first try not to fire and then paste it with glue, then connect the power, and connect the power cord according to the installation method of fluorescent lamp ballast.

(c), paste the bottom plate

The most basic part of the production of advertising light boxes is the bottom plate. Most businesses like to use a white bottom plate, and try not to use an excessively variegated bottom plate, because the variegated color is not beautiful and is not easy to advertise in small fonts.

(d), clean

After the light box is firm, use a small amount of water to soak the cleaning agent in the tissue and slowly wipe the light box. Do not wipe it too hard or extensively to avoid damaging the light box.

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