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How to Choose Lamps according to the Room?

After decorating the house, you need to install the lamps for the room. How do you choose the lamps? What kind of lamps are good? Let me introduce you to the purchase knowledge of the lamps. I hope to help you.

Firstly, how to buy lamps?

How to choose a living room lamp?

1.if the living room is small, it is recommended to choose some 60CM crystal lamps, the brightness will not be a problem, because the crystal lamp has a lot of lamp heads, you only need to replace the bright spot light bulbs. The living room is slightly medium or large, and you can put a slightly larger square crystal lamp, or a round crystal lamp from 800cm to 1.5 meters, according to the size of your living room

2. If the living room belongs to a square, it is best to buy a round crystal lamp, so that the contrast will be symmetrical. The round crystal lamp is also divided into many kinds. If you like the feeling of splendor, it is recommended to buy rhubarb crystal lamp.

3. Some people who buy crystal lamps will fell troublesome, so they will pick some large flat lights. Flat panel lights are lower in price than crystal lamps, cleaning and repairing are much simpler, so flat panel lights are also a big choice for living room lights. Some flat-panel lights come with LEDs and 4 kinds of dimming, and others do not change light, so look at your personal needs.

How to choose the door light?

  1. Now most of the new house door will be left to let you install the lights in the hall, the hallway lights, then the most choice is to install the dining crane, because many people like the feeling of hanging down, feel very beautiful. In addition to the dining crane, some people will install the color glazed Although the brightness of the color glazed lamp is not enough, it is very beautiful.
  2. Small crystal lamp is also a big choice to install the foyer, although the price will be significantly higher, but it is very beautiful. You can choose 40CM or 60CM crystal lamps to be placed in the foyer.

How to choose bedroom lamps?

1.There are many choices of bedroom lamps, such as crystal lamps. Crystal lamps are basically equipped with remote control and sub-filed. LED light is the most energy-saving and durable. You can usually use LED light to install.

  1. Ordinary ceiling lamps, this is the most choice now, because the price is cheap, and cleaning and replacement are very easy, so most people will install ceiling lamps in the bedroom.

3.Crystal lamp, decorative crystal lamp in the bedroom is also a good choice. Because this will not only create a romantic and warm environment, but also save electricity, it can also play a very good role in protecting infants’ eyesight.







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