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2019 Lighting Industry Report

China is the only world factory that can scale and meet the diverse needs of the world with high cost performance. Its lighting products have been exported to 220 countries and regions, and its global market share has exceeded 50%.

In the first half of 2019, the total export value of China’s lighting industry was about US $ 21,986 million. China exported about 4.588 billion light source products; 922 million incandescent lamps and 210 million tungsten halogen lamps; 458 million compact fluorescent lamps and 149 million straight tube / ring fluorescent lamps; There are 28 million HID lamps; 2.82 billion LED light sources, accounting for 61.5%, and the proportion has increased year-on-year (the same period last year was 58%); meanwhile, traditional light sources still account for 38.5%, related LED replacement products such as LED filament lamps or patch-type multi-sided light bulbs still have some potential. The proportion of LED lamps has also continued to increase. Integrated lighting products such as indoor down / spot lights, panel lights, high ceiling lights, line lights, outdoor flood / flood lights, lawn lights / patio lights, street lights / tunnel lights, etc. Become the workhorse.

In the past three years, GMV in the lighting and lighting industry has shown an upward trend year-on-year, and the second half of the year is the peak season for the lighting industry. In the first half of 2019, lamp bulbs, interior lighting fixtures, festival lighting, and outdoor lighting in the lighting industry were still the largest product lines. The fastest-growing product lines are mainly indoor lighting fixtures, stage lights, portable lamps, novel lights, and industrial lighting.

The top 5 buyers of lighting industry are: the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. It is also worth noting that Puerto Rico has a particularly high demand for outdoor lighting and has a high ordersize. The United States accounts for 68%, and demand for all product lines is high.

From the perspective of the order range, the B-type attribute of the lighting industry is very obvious. The order ratio of more than 1,000 US dollars reaches 36%, and the order range of 300-100 US dollars accounts for 38%. In particular, the lamp bulbs are basically wholesale and suitable for packaging. For sales, sellers with overseas warehouses, especially those with US overseas warehouses, have an advantage.

  1. Positioning of lamp selection and key recruitment products in the second half of 2019

Selection positioning:

  1. Safety, convenience, and health: Safety is the most important factor, which involves the safety of electricity use and the safety of installation; convenient installation, convenient disassembly, and convenient cleaning are conducive to improving life efficiency; reducing glare and blue light The glare hazard is a manifestation of health;
  2. Intelligence, light environment, and plants: As can be seen from the professional lighting exhibition, intelligent lighting and smart home are still the biggest themes. Many exhibitions set up smart zones, and well-known brands show buyers a variety of new smart lighting systems, drivers, lamps and various application scenarios. Plant lighting is also much hotter than in previous years. Philips, Osram, GE, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Chemical, Sharp, Panasonic and other international lighting manufacturers have scrambled to expand their field of plant lighting and have begun to show their strengths.
  3. Personalization, originality, and all categories: The lamps have the functions of increasing space levels and adding fun to life. Lamps with different light source colors and different shapes can greatly change the style of home decoration; innovations in lighting style and materials have been At a certain stage of maturity, in 2019, “original lighting” and “OEM lighting” will go hand in hand; listed companies in lighting lighting are mainly concentrated in the fields of LED lighting and display, but Op, NVC, Sanxiong Aurora, Foshan Lighting, etc. Well-known brands have laid out decorative lights, and major designer brands have also withdrawn from their creative designs.

The fastest-growing products of the Dunhuang indoor lamp category this year are PendantLamps and Chandeliers. These products have strong design sense, fast product updates, and the introduction of new materials. This year’s hotter GlassBallPendantlamp and MuranoGlassChandeliers belong to the pendant lamp category .

Key recruitment products

  1. Lamps and bulbs: The category with the largest proportion has the obvious category B attributes. At present, sellers with overseas warehouses account for a relatively high proportion of sales, which is suitable for package sales. It has high requirements on product prices and quality.
  2. Festive lighting: The second half of the year is the peak season for lamps and lanterns. Halloween in October, Black Friday in November, and Christmas in December. Demand for various pumpkin lights, LED strips, holiday decoration lights, partylights, and Christmas bulbs has soared , The seller needs to stock up in advance.
  3. Indoor lighting: This category has a growth rate of 54% and a large flow rate. Currently, the hot-selling chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and plant lights lack new products. Welcome to upload products for sale by independent brands or factories.
  4. New and strange lamps: With the development of science and technology and the development of the sharing economy, lamps and lanterns are a kind of technology products. New and strange lamps and functional lamps have a high spread on social networking sites and video websites. The rate is high.
  5. Outdoor lighting: The main recruitment products are street lights, solar lights, lawn lights, landscape lights, etc.
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