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How to Buy Laser Stage Lights?

  1. When you buy, you should look at the power and the spot diameter.
    The beam of the laser stage light is fatal to human eyes, the greater the power, the more dangerous! The stationary green laser beam with a spot diameter of less than 2mm and a power of more than 100mW, if it directly hits the human skin, it will be within a few seconds Feeling burning. When a green laser beam with the same spot and a power of more than 300mW is directly incident on the clothes, the clothes may be burned through within a minute. Therefore, never look directly at the stationary laser beam!
    During the laser show, the laser beam is scattered by the high-speed galvanometer scan. Although the power of the laser is relatively large, the laser power density per unit area after the sweep is already low, and it usually does not cause irreversible damage to the human eye. . However, if the laser beam suddenly stops during the normal scanning process due to a malfunction of the circuit or the scanning galvanometer, and this laser beam just hits your eyes, then it depends on your luck. The lighter, your eyesight will drop obviously, and the severer, you will be blind immediately!
    The laser show is good-looking, but dangerous! To solve this problem, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have developed a “laser scan out of control protection” technology. After the laser light is equipped with this technology, when the laser beam stops scanning unexpectedly, the laser It will be automatically shut down immediately. Therefore, in order to protect the eyes of you and your customers, you must pay attention to whether this product has a “laser scan out of control protection” function when purchasing a laser demonstration product, and verify this function.
    2. Look at the classification of laser lights
    At present, there are two types of laser lights on the market classified from scanning devices. One type is a simple beam scanning laser lamp. This type of laser lamp uses a low-speed stepper motor to scan, and its effect is only some simple and repeated beam effects. The other type is the galvanometer scanning laser light, usually this type of laser light can put text and animation. Galvanometer scanning laser lights can be divided into low-speed text animation laser lights of about 10Kpps and ILDA standard> 30Kpps high-speed medium-high-end text animation laser lights. Low-speed galvanometer scanning laser lights usually cannot deliver complex and high-quality text or animation, nor can they produce “multi-pattern special effects” effects. Maocheng adopts medium and high-end text animation laser light developed by high-speed galvanometer> 30Kpps, which can not only put high-quality text and animation, but also put in “multi-pattern stunt” effect.
    3. See the actual effect of voice control
    Many laser lights now have a “voice control” function, this “voice control” is actually a very simple volume-triggered laser playback function, the effect is simple and monotonous. “Laser music synchronous synthesis playback” is to synthesize laser effect data and music related rhythm data and play them together. In this way, with the cooperation of background music, the laser is played synchronously with the music rhythm in an orderly manner. The effect is usually The “voice control” effect cannot be compared.
    4. See the artistic effects of text animation
    At present, many of the so-called text animation laser lights on the market do not have a “broken pen” effect, and the artistic sense of text animation is very poor. The so-called “broken stroke” means that when writing text, there should be no laser connection between strokes of the same word or between two texts. In general, low-end laser lights do not have a “broken pen” effect, and the text or animation they put on is very distorted.
    5. See if you have “multiple laser pattern effects”
    If the laser light or performance system has the “multi-pattern stunt” function, then the effect that it can be put on is even richer. It can be simply said that such a single-head laser light can put on a combination of two ordinary single-head laser lights. effect.
    6. See the pros and cons of “galvanometer” performance
    The galvanometer is a key component that directly affects the quality of the pattern. Generally, a good galvanometer can put more text under the same fidelity; or under the same amount of text, the distortion of the text will be less. The galvanometer can put high-quality text, and can also put high-quality, more effective laser effect patterns.
    7. Look at the intelligence of “DMX512”
    Many laser lights on the market claiming “DMX512 control” basically have no programming function, just a simple pattern call, such laser lights are usually more monotonous. The “multifunctional DMX512 intelligent programming” provides powerful programming and pattern effect editing methods. Laser lights with such functions can directly edit the laser scene effects and programs through the DMX512 console, and at the same time, the laser effect scenes can be combined with the traditional stage The scene effects of lights are organically combined. In short, you can mix and use such laser lights with computer lights controlled by DMX512 to achieve a perfect combination of laser effects and lighting effects.
    8. See if the indicators comply with ILDA international standards
    If the manufacturer of the laser lamp is not a member of ILDA, then its products are usually not designed according to this standard, otherwise a lot of costs will be added.
    9. See how the dust seal measures
    There are some optical reflective lenses inside the laser lamp. If there is no dustproof sealing inside, dust and smoke oil will quickly contaminate the lens, so the reflection efficiency will be reduced, and the laser lamp needs to be cleaned after a period of use, otherwise the brightness Will become very dark. However, if you clean it frequently, the highly reflective film on the lens will be destroyed and the reflection efficiency will be lower. Therefore, although the laser light without dustproof sealing measures seems to be okay at the time of purchase, it will not be long before it may become very dark after 1-2 months.


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