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How to Choose Bedroom Lights? Buying Techniques for Bedroom Lights

Lights and lanterns are very important in our lives, because at night or dark places, without light, our activities will not be so comfortable, except for sleeping, we need light at other times, at home, do not pass There is a certain difference in the choice of lighting in the space, because the lighting can still be called lighting, how to choose the bedroom lighting?
1. Choose according to bedroom style
The decoration style of the bedroom determines the style of the Lights. If the bedroom style is fresh and simple, then the corresponding Lights should also be fresh and simple. If the bedroom style is classical and elegant, the corresponding Lights should also be classical. In short, lighting should match the overall consistency. If the fresh and simple style has to match the classic style, it must be inconsistent.
2. Light color
The light from the bedroom Lights should be bright but not dazzling, because the dazzling lights will make people more and more excited without drowsiness, and the eyes will feel uncomfortable. The color of bedroom Lights should be warm or neutral, such as yellow, orange, milky white, etc.
3. Size
The choice of bedroom Lights is to determine the size of the lamp according to the area of ​​the bedroom and the decoration style of the bedroom. For a bedroom with a large area, choose a lamp with a small size, so that in the end, the lamp does not match the style of the entire bedroom.
4. Height
People who like to read a book before going to bed usually choose desk Lights as bedroom Lights, so the range of light from the Lights is higher than their sitting and lying postures. If the height of the desk lamp is the same as or slightly lower than the height of your lying on the bed, when reading, it is easy to make the eyes feel uncomfortable because the light cannot directly hit the book. Therefore, for the purpose of reading, in addition to adjusting the position of the bedside table lamp, you can also install a dimmable wall lamp on the background wall of the bedside.
5. Switch
Thinking of bedroom Lights will consider whether it is convenient to switch and adjust. Due to the different types of Lights, their placement and installation positions are different. If the switch cannot be easily reached, then when you are drowsy and want to turn off the light, you have to find the switch or adjust the brightness again. In this way, you may have little sleep left.
6. Choose according to bedroom height
Some lights are chandeliers and some are ceiling lights. Which one of these two lights to choose depends on the height of the bedroom. If the bedroom is relatively short, then do not choose a chandelier, because the length of the chandelier will shorten the visual length of the entire space, making the space look very low, giving a sense of depression. Similarly, if the bedroom is relatively tall, try not to choose ceiling lights, as this will make the space look very empty.

7. Choose according to the age of the bedroom owner
The owner of the bedroom is different, and the lighting choices are also different. If the bedroom owner is younger, then the choice of lighting can follow the overall style of home improvement to maximize the personality. If the owner is older, try to choose some classic lighting with clean lines.
8. Use requirements
Different positions in the bedroom should be selected according to different needs. For example, the dressing table should use a radiant light fixture with clear lighting and soft fiber. The bedside lamp should try to choose a warm yellow light source, because if you want to read a book on the bed, such a light will not dazzle your eyes.


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