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How to Choose Crystal Chandelier?

1、 Natural crystal concept

You have to find out the history and concept of crystal light before purchasing. Crystal light gives people a gorgeous, noble and dreamlike feeling. The first crystal light is composed of metal bracket, candle, natural crystal or Quartz Pendant. Later, due to the high cost of natural crystal, it was gradually replaced by artificial crystal, and then by incandescent light.

Now most crystal lights on the market are made of incandescent lights with the shape of candle flame as the light source. Because each crystal light will have multiple bulbs, the power consumption is relatively high. Can energy saving light replace flame bulb? Although the idea is very creative, the use of energy-saving lights will affect the overall visual effect of the crystal light, because only when the light of the transparent incandescent light without color shines on the crystal, it will reflect the colorful effect.

But don’t think crystal light is made of crystal. At present, the crystal lights on the market are all made of artificial crystal. Experts said that because natural crystal often contains natural flaws such as horizontal lines and floccules, and the resources are limited, the crystal lights sold on the market are made of artificial crystal or craft crystal. Therefore, when the salesperson introduces the crystal light to you, you should understand in your heart that it is imitation crystal rather than natural crystal. And if there is a salesperson to introduce: “this crystal light is made of pure natural crystal.” Then you have to have a heart.

2、 There is a big difference between synthetic crystals

Although all of them are artificial crystals, the grade and quality of different artificial crystals vary greatly. As the value of crystal light is largely determined by crystal, we need to pay attention to the quality of crystal. Experts said that crystal is actually a kind of glass. When the proportion of glass containing lead oxide reaches more than 24% and the refractivity reaches 1.545, it can be called crystal.

Now the crystal lights sold on the market mostly use all lead crystal. Only when the content of lead oxide is more than 30% can the transparency of crystal be ensured; from the aspect of section, the regular, flat, smooth and angular section is the guarantee of crystal refraction effect; in addition, the crystal is best free of bubbles, cracks and impurities. Therefore, consumers can start from these aspects when purchasing, observe the transparency of the crystal or check the data proving the lead content; touch the cutting surface and the edges and corners of the cutting surface; check whether there are impurities such as bubbles, etc.

Generally speaking, comparing the charm of a domestic crystal light with that of an imported crystal light, you will find that the transparency of the imported crystal is significantly higher than that of the domestic crystal. The section of the imported crystal is flat, not rough, smooth, almost without any impurities. The domestic crystal will occasionally see bubbles or impurities.

Of course, the quality is different and the price is different. Because the quality of domestic crystal can not compare with that of imported crystal, the price difference between them is very large. According to relevant experts, the price of crystal lights in the market is relatively high. The price of domestic crystal lights with a diameter of about 1 meter is between 3000-5000 yuan. The price of imported crystal lights in Egypt is between 5000-10000 yuan. The price of Swarovski crystal lights is between 10000-15000 yuan. The price of domestic crystal lights with a diameter of about 0.8 meters is about 3000 yuan. The price of imported crystal lights in Egypt is about 3000 yuan

The price of crystal lights is about 5000 yuan, that of Swarovski crystal lights is about 10000 yuan, and that of crystal ceiling lights with a diameter of 0.8-1 meter is less than 5000 yuan. By comparison, the general price of Swarovski crystal lights is about three times that of Egyptian crystal lights.

3、 Space determines light height

If we get the concept clear, we will enter into the specific purchase procedure. You should not only be greedy for style, atmosphere, luxury, etc., blindly pursue the “big” crystal light. The diameter of the crystal light is determined by the size of the space to be installed. For example, in a room with an area of 20 to 30 square meters, it is not suitable to install a crystal light with a diameter greater than 1 meter. If the room is too small, the installation of large crystal lights will affect the overall coordination; if the floor height is too low, the room should not be installed with high crystal lights. After hanging the chandelier, because the space height of the modern house is not much left after hanging a crystal light, the tea table is usually placed directly below, so that people bypass the tea table while avoiding the crystal light on their head, making full use of the space.

Generally speaking, the height of crystal ceiling light is between 30-40 cm, the height of crystal chandelier is about 70 cm, and the height of empty crystal chandelier is between 150-180 cm. Take the crystal chandelier as an example. When it is installed in the living room, there should be a space of about 2 meters below. When it is installed in the dining room, there should be a space of 1.8-1.9 meters below. Consumers can choose to buy lights of corresponding height according to the actual situation.

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