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How to choose decorative home lighting? Lighting purchase precautions

In home decoration, the importance of home lighting is self-evident. If you want a better environment, you can freely choose home lighting for decoration. However, there are many types of lamps. Depending on the space environment, the use is also different. Not the same, commonly used are chandelier, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, etc.

So how to choose the home lighting ?

Let’s take a look at the lighting purchase precautions.

Firstly, restaurant Home Lighting

In general, with the combination of home lighting in the restaurant, warm-colored light is the best free choice. This will not only make the dining room more warm and comfortable, but also increase appetite. Because the dining room usually has oil fume and the like, we must be prepared to scrub it at any time, so we can choose acrylic, glass and other materials as free as possible, because this material will be relatively easy to scrub.

Secondly, the bedroom home lighting

The choice of bedroom lighting can be various, similar to ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, etc. can be installed in the bedroom, but for the light is also recommended to use a rounder light, but when we sleep, the light is too bright and hinder sleep, in short, it is warm The bedroom can also be installed with a different taste.

Thirdly, the study home lighting

For home lighting in the study, too harsh lights, sunlight will make our eyes uncomfortable after a long time, so we have to choose the light more roundly. At this time, you can freely choose the LED light, because this kind of light is more Close to natural light will be more stable, and it will not have a considerable negative impact on long-term reading of nature. It is not recommended that you use fluorescent lamps, because fluorescent lamps often experience flickering problems over time. Long-term flashing will be very bad for the eyes.

Fourthly, bathroom home lighting

The bathroom is also a place where there is a lot of water and gas in the home, and because the brightness requirements are not particularly high, you can choose to install ceiling lamps freely, which facilitates ordinary cleaning and also protects the bulbs better because of the lampshade of the ceiling lamps.

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