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How to Install Led Downlight?

  1. Drilling

Led downlights are mostly embedded installation, so drilling is the first step. We need to accurately measure the downlight embedded in the ceiling to determine the aperture size and installation location. After confirming these two requirements, you can open it up.

  1. Wiring

There are generally two wires in the downlight, namely the live wire and the neutral wire. In the process of excavation, the fire wire of the led downlight should be connected with the fire wire in the hole of the original ceiling; the zero wire should be connected with the zero wire. Before starting the whole connection, make sure that the main switch in the house is closed to avoid electric shock.

  1. Tape wrapped

Tape wrapping is a very important part, it is to prevent the occurrence of leakage. After the two wires are connected, they must be wrapped with insulating tape to prevent leakage. After wrapping the tape, turn on the power, check the power supply, and check whether the contact is good.

  1. Fixed adjustment

After the downlight is fixed, the specific angle and height can be adjusted. As long as the fixed spring is used, you can adjust a position you like. After reinforcement, the lamp can be directly installed into the lamp holder only by breaking the light card.

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