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Is the Installation Height of Wall Light the Same in Different Space?

The installation height of wall light shall be determined according to the specific installation environment. Generally, it is suitable to be 1440-1850mm away from the working face, which refers to the horizontal plane 80-85cm away from the ground, that is, 2240-2650mm away from the ground. However, the installation height of the wall light in the bedroom can be reduced as appropriate. The distance between the wall light in the bedroom and the ground is about 1400-1700mm. If the installation of wall light is too high or too low, it may not achieve the desired effect, and the visual effect is not so good, so we must choose the installation height of wall light.

  1. bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we rest. People’s sleep time is very important, and the sleep quality requirements are naturally very high. Choose wall light as the lighting tool of bedroom, can have more comfortable and warm feeling, the wall light in general bedroom should not be too high, in three quarters of the wall, or two thirds of the position is just good, it is recognized as “golden section point”, which is about 1.5m left and right from the ground.

  1. aisle

Most of the corridor lighting in the home is wall light, and the lighting conditions in the corridor are relatively high, try not to be too dark, so as not to affect their own safety. From the design point of view, the distance between the wall light in the corridor and the ground should not be less than 2.2M, and the distance between the bulb and the ground should not be less than 1.8m, so as to ensure a more comfortable lighting effect.

  1. Toilet

If you choose the wall light in the bathroom, the design mainly considers the different height, which requires users to choose according to their home needs. If the height is not very high, the wall light does not need to be too high to avoid affecting the use effect, which needs to be analyzed and selected according to the actual situation.

  1. living room

The living room is a relatively wide place. When designing, if you choose the wall light, you should consider choosing the design with larger style, which will not appear too crowded. The wall light installation in the living room is generally about 1.8m high. If it is designed according to the actual decoration situation, the height can also be adjusted.

  1. restaurant

The wall light design in the dining room is relatively good, which creates a warm and comfortable dining environment. Install the wall light in the dining room, try not to be too low, lest the light is too bright, but lose the original intention of the dining room design. Taking into account the overall spatial pattern, according to the actual needs to determine the height of the dining room wall light, more comfortable.

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