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Is the Iron Chandelier good?

At present, most of the iron lamps on sale in the market are made of imitation iron, that is, artificial iron. The chandelier made of natural iron often contains natural defects such as transverse lines and floccules, and the natural iron resources are limited, so the price of natural iron chandelier is expensive.

Iron Chandelier is not only safe and firm, but also has good decorative effect. It is a good choice for home decoration.

Now, most of the iron lamps sold in the market are all lead iron lamps. Only when the content of lead oxide is more than 30% can the transparency of iron be ensured; from the aspect of section, the regular, flat, smooth and angular section is the guarantee of iron refracting effect; in addition, good iron has no bubbles, cracks and impurities.

Iron Chandelier adopts special technology, with strong corrosion resistance, strong design sense and unique life taste of the owner. When choosing the Iron Chandelier, we need to pay attention to the design, shape, color style of the chandelier and the coordination of the interior decoration style.

Generally speaking, the installation height of the Iron Chandelier is about 70cm, and the height of the empty iron chandelier is between 150-180cm. When the Iron Chandelier is installed in the living room, there should be a space of about 2 meters below. When it is installed in the dining room, there should be a space of 1.8-1.9 meters below. If the net height is less than 2.6m, the Iron Chandelier should not be selected.

The use of chandeliers is generally used in living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, hotels and other halls, regardless of style or pattern. For resin iron chandeliers, it uses iron art. The technology has been developing for a long time in China. Like traditional iron art, it is generally used in architecture, home and garden decoration. With the change of technology, Nowadays, the use of iron art in lighting lamps is more and more extensive. It is not only safe and firm, but also has good decorative effect. It is a good choice for home decoration.

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