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Ceiling LightsHow to Choose Lights?

Matching Skills of Different Ceiling Lights

Tube collocation

  1. The down light color is mainly warm white or positive white. Living room lighting needs higher, choose the white is good. But the bedroom belongs to private space, in fact, warm white is the main choice. In terms of the decoration style, the classical ones use dim but bright lights, which are generally gray and white. If it is a general household, it is generally white. If you want to get better results, put some warm colors in the middle of the white.
  2. If down light as the main lighting, you can choose a higher wattage. If there is a headlight, the wattage can be smaller just for decoration.
  3. As the main light, down light needs to adjust the illumination angle and distribution position of down light to take care of the lighting demand of every corner. Generally, it is arranged around.

The down light with wide light distribution angle (beam angle 120 ┬░) is more suitable to be installed in the high space places such as the central hall and the lobby of the building, especially the down light with wide light distribution and high power, because of its large light surface, it will not cause shadow, which is more conducive to the improvement of space brightness.

The down light with a narrow light distribution angle has a narrow light output surface, which will form a circular spot on the illuminating surface. It is suitable for small space.

  1. Household down light is generally recommended to be embedded, because the open light will make the originally narrow space appear disorderly and oppressive, which will damage the aesthetic feeling of the space.

light belt collocation

  1. The color temperature of the light belt should be the same as that of the main lighting down light, or the color temperature should not differ greatly.
  2. The color of light needs to be combined with the overall color matching of interior decoration, functional requirements of each space, indoor space light, etc. to determine the wattage and color of the light, and form the matching of analogy color and complementary color with the surrounding environment.
  3. If the main light in the living room uses a little white light, then the light belt can use yellow light. A small amount of soft yellow light will make people feel comfortable staying at home. Try not to choose too much white light.
  4. The LED effect of yellow light is mainly warm, but because the luminous efficiency of yellow LED beads is not high and the light effect is dark, the light color is dull. It is recommended to use multiple beads.
  5. Blue light can be placed in the bar and other positions, the effect is dreamy and fresh, and the whole room decoration can also highlight the noble and cool style of home decoration after a circle.
  6. If you want other romantic effects, according to your favorite color, use blue or pink, purple and so on. You can choose white, light yellow, light powder, or you can choose white and light yellow color switching, too warm and too cold colors are not recommended.

Spotlight collocation

  1. For the parts that need strong illumination, such as tea table, background wall, artwork ornament or pendant, do key illumination and adjust the illumination angle.
  2. For the illumination of the wall, we should wash the wall instead of illuminating the wall. The light is soft and powerful. Even if there is only light and material, it will not feel rigid and monotonous, but become natural and comfortable. When the light is rubbed against the wall and cabinet and washed down, the ceiling will be raised to reduce the sense of space blocking.
  3. According to the color in the home, choose to use the contrast color to form a strong contrast and sense of existence, with distinctive characteristics. It can also produce the effect of mutual support and coordination. For example, blue vs. orange, yellow vs. green vs. pink, purple vs. yellow.
  4. Green, which has the function of stabilizing emotions, has the same visual contraction effect as blue. The green spotlight in the room will not produce a sense of oppression. The most basic color matching method is to unify the natural color.
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