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LED Lamps Sell Well in Overseas Markets

Nowadays, the lamps and lanterns produced by Jiaxing are lighting up the lives of millions of households, and the market share is rising. The small lamps have also been sold abroad, and Jiaxing lamps have maintained a strong export momentum.

Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from Jiaxing Customs that from January to October this year, Jiaxing exported 1.98 billion yuan in lamps, lighting fixtures and similar products (hereinafter referred to as “lamps”), an increase of 26.4% over the same period last year and higher than the city’s exports in the same period. The growth rate was 17.3 percentage points. Among them, in August, the export of lamps and lanterns in our city hit a record high, with a monthly export of 270 million yuan, an increase of 55.5% year-on-year.

The EU is the largest market, following the high-end line

So, where are so many lamps sold?

It is reported that among the several major export markets, the European Union is the largest market for the export of lamps in our city. From January to October this year, our city exported 1.1 billion yuan of lamps to the EU, an increase of 33.2%, accounting for 55.6% of the city’s total export value of lamps during the same period. . Second, the US market also accounts for a significant proportion.

“Since the beginning of this year, the market in the European Union has been good. Many companies have focused their attention on this market and their market share has continued to increase.” Jiaxing Customs analysts said.

Xinguang Solar Power Co., Ltd. is an export company mainly producing traditional light sources. The annual export volume of lamps and lanterns reaches 5 million US dollars. “Our products are mainly aimed at Europe and are positioned in the high-end market.” The company’s director Huang Xiaohai told reporters that in recent years, many export companies have flooded into the European lighting market, opening up a new blue ocean, and making this market competition increasingly fierce. .

“The European market is characterized by particularly large-scale production of lamps. Therefore, in order to come up with attractive prices, everyone is reducing production costs, which has led to changes in European lamp standards, which is a lot lower than in previous years. As a result, more and more companies have joined the market. “Huang Xiaohai said that in order to gain a place, Xinguangyang moved closer to the production direction of lamps used in specific places and found its own living space.

In addition to traditional light sources, LED lamps produced by Jiaxing have also been favored by European and American markets. It is understood that the current unit price of LED lamps in the European and American markets ranges from US $ 20 to US $ 200. The prices of LED lamps exported by Jiaxing are mostly around US $ 100, which is in line with the level of mass consumption in the US and European markets.

Entering the production workshop of Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd., the production line presents a busy scene, and the various LED lamps produced here will be shipped to all over the world. The company is one of the largest and leading technology leaders in the national LED general lighting source industry.

“Although there are many opportunities in the European and American markets, the competition is a bit fierce. In general, the company has adopted a series of measures to maintain a steady increase in exports this year compared to previous years.” The relevant person in charge of the company said Looking at the International Lighting Fair, the development potential of overseas markets and competition coexist. Therefore, major enterprises in Jiaxing are also following the changes in the LED lighting industry to develop new products.

Jiaxing enterprises with the largest demand for LED and smart lamps are busy nuggets

So, what kind of Jiaxing lamps are most popular in overseas markets?

It is reported that, driven by the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, many countries and regions around the world have stepped up efforts to eliminate traditional high energy consumption products. As a result, the demand for LED lamps has been further expanded.

Facing the business opportunities in the LED lighting industry, many companies have begun to invest in the research and development and production of LED lighting products, and have initially formed a certain market size and brand foundation at home and abroad. From the perspective of Zhejiang Province, LED lighting products export companies are mainly located in Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Jinhua, and Wenzhou, and our city’s LED lighting industry is also relatively leading.

“Under such opportunities, Jiaxing lamp export enterprises have transformed and expanded their LED lamp production capacity, and a large number of private enterprises have flourished and become the main export force.” Chen Yanli, director of the Inspection and Supervision Department of Jiaxing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, introduced from several major export markets Looking at it, it is still dominated by the European Union, the United States, and Japan.

Zhejiang Zhouhui Electric Co., Ltd., located in Pinghu, has always seized the market by exporting ordinary lamps. A few years ago, the company turned its attention to the export of LED lamps. More than 90% of its products were successfully sold to large furniture stores in Europe and the United States, and its market share continued to expand. Therefore, when other traditional lighting companies are facing problems such as low technology content, thin profits, and poor competitiveness, the company has firmly established itself in overseas markets.

“The potential of the overseas LED lamp market is still great, and the trends at several major international exhibitions are also very obvious.” The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd. told reporters that, especially in recent years, LED lamps have also moved towards intelligent lighting. The development of the field has made the outlook of the LED smart high-end market clear.

During the interview, many companies also proposed the concept of intelligent lighting. Established in 2010, Zhejiang New Ryder Lighting Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of high-efficiency energy-saving and green and healthy lighting industries. Its products are exported to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other South American markets. “Now, smart lighting is very popular in overseas markets, especially in the field of infrastructure construction and smart home.” The company’s general manager Huang Wenpeng told reporters that more and more countries and regions attach importance to energy saving. However, Huang Wenpeng also pointed out that the maintenance cost of smart lighting is relatively high and requires companies to continue to develop high-end products, which places high demands on the company itself.

Technical warfare and price war depend on the competitiveness of the industry

However, while the export of Jiaxing lamps is constantly growing, the situation of export companies encountering the threshold of the target market cannot be ignored, and the price war and technology war are particularly worthy of attention.

“Now everyone is facing the test of price war. The price of some lamps is close to the cost price. After all, there are too many companies in this industry.” Huang Xiaohai of Xinguangyang admitted that since the beginning of this year, a tradition in the EU market The price of halogen lamps has been reduced by nearly 1 yuan, which has made the profit margin of enterprises even smaller. “In the future, many enterprises will experience more pains and shuffles.”

At the same time, compared to traditional light sources, as LED lighting products are new energy-saving light source products, in the current global energy shortage situation, countries are paying more attention to the energy saving, environmental protection and safety performance of LED lighting products, and have introduced various technical trades in succession. Measures have raised the market access mechanism. According to statistics, in recent years, for the safety and energy efficiency standards and requirements of LED lighting products have continuously emerged, some export notifications have occurred throughout the country.

The relevant person in charge of Jiaxing Customs pointed out that under such a threshold, the export of LED lighting products in our city is facing severe challenges, and the risks of export enterprises are increasing.

For example, the light source and chip are the main components of LED lamps. The combined value of the two accounts for about 70% of the total value of the lamp. The recognition is not high, so many of the core components of high-end LED lamps still need to be imported.

“In fact, behind the various price, standards, and technological barriers lies the competitiveness of the industry. Therefore, the key to eliminating its adverse effects is to improve the competitiveness of the industry.” Chen Yanli believes that enterprises in our city should directly understand the market demand and the latest technology development .

For this reason, under the encouragement and guidance of the staff of the Jiaxing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, many Jiaxing enterprises independently developed or jointly developed overseas research and development institutions to develop new products, improve product added value and technical content, and formed a certain specialized market segmentation model. And new trends in standardized management.

“I believe that by cultivating independent intellectual property rights and exploring ways to respond to foreign energy efficiency measures, the export of lamps and lanterns of enterprises in our city will definitely usher in a wider space.” Said Huang Wenpeng of New Ryder.

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