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Make Full Use of Lighting to Make a Perfect Home

From monotonous fluorescent tubes, incandescent lamps, the simplest ceiling lamp more than a decade ago, to today’s crystal chandeliers, concealed down lights, all kinds of spotlights … the role of lighting in home decoration is becoming more and more important. The monotony forms a unique contrast. So, in the end, the more lights in the family, the better, the brighter the fewer, the more complicated the better? We asked Sun Lei, a boutique designer from Kuoda Decoration, to talk about how to make good use of lighting in home decoration.

In addition to illuminating the space, the lighting also has a good function of differentiating the area and setting the atmosphere. Through the use of different light colors, shapes, and the combination of multiple lights, you can set different room atmospheres and add color to the decoration of the room. When lighting, don’t forget the characteristics of the ribbon.

Living room

The living room is a place to receive people. You must create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can choose bright and rich lamps, usually chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and wall lamps. Duplex and jump-level living rooms with high ceilings are suitable for chandeliers, but ordinary flat-level living rooms are best free to choose ceiling lights, or use several sets of down lights to separate the reception area, TV area and nap area, near the sofa Can put an elbow floor lamp. At the same time, the shapes and colors of the lamps should be coordinated with the furniture in the living room.

Study room

Study room lighting should be based on the principles of lightness and roundness. Table lamps with incandescent bulbs are more suitable. Table lamps of different styles are not only highly decorative, but also must be traveled and adjusted according to the light, convenient to use, and good for vision. A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase. This light can not only help distinguish the title of the book, but also maintain the temperature to prevent the books from getting wet and withered.

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