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Living Room Ceiling Lighting, How to Choose the Color of the Spotlight

Decoration is like a tug-of-war, often hesitating in various design shapes and furniture placements. The decoration of the living room is more troublesome. When the early decoration of the living room is completely completed, you must start to choose the lighting freely. In order to solve the doubts, I will introduce the precautions for how to choose the color of the ceiling spotlights in the living room. .

Control of Lighting Color

The shape and color of the luminaire are the most important elements of color. Generally speaking, the color of the ceiling spotlight should be coordinated with the lighting design of the living room’s theme lighting, and it should be considered from the perspective of the overall effect of the lighting. If all the spotlights are free to choose yellow light, a glass cover will be placed on the outside, which will cause the color tone to be less noticeable, and if you don’t know the feeling, it is recommended not to add color. Many families today like to use purple, pink, blue spotlights, or multi-color mix and match. From the visual effect, it helps to create a warm and loving atmosphere. But from the perspective of lighting, the spotlight effect of white light energy-saving lamps is better.

Regarding how to freely choose the color of the spotlights on the ceiling of the living room, from the perspective of feng shui, it is better to use warm colors with an appropriate amount of white light sources. At home, feng shui pays attention to the use of colors, that is, the change between color cooling and heating. The color matches the five elements of the home with emphasis on the warm and cold mix. The home is mostly yang, so the lighting color should also be warm. Among the seven colors, the red, orange, and yellow light sources are warm light sources, giving a warm and round texture, and the green, blue, blue, and purple light sources are cold light sources, giving a mysterious and dreamy feeling. With Yangqi mostly around, with a suitable amount of white light source, this is the most suitable for people to live in.

Spotlight brightness control

The spotlight is mainly supplemented by hidden fluorescent lamps in the wooden troughs on the four sides of the chandelier. This kind of light is round without glare. The function of each room is different, so the lighting chosen is different. Feng Shui theory focuses on “dark rooms in bright halls”, which means that the light in the living room should be bright, and the light in the bedroom should be darker.

The lighting in the living room should be abundant. Too dim lighting will negatively affect the sustainable development of the owner’s career. Therefore, many families are free to choose the glorious large crystal lamps and ceiling lamps, and then set up some ceiling spotlights, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. In this way, during the day, the living room lights are very bright and the lights are evenly distributed. It is scattered in all corners of the living room, giving people a sense of light. If you want to take a break, it is also fun to keep only round spotlights.

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