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Lighting is Decorative Eyes, Maintenance is Important

Some people say that lighting is the eye of home decoration. However, the word “decoration” can show that the lighting is not only used for lighting. Its new most important function is to decorate the room. Deng Yaohua, the general manager of Yuguan Building Materials, responded: “In the home decoration, there is a” last free choice “, that is, all the furniture and placement of the home have been completed, and finally the lighting is selected. Because the lighting has the function of lighting, all lighting It has the finishing touch in marmot, but it can’t be selected randomly. Crystal lighting originated in Europe and has been described in the “Renaissance” period in the early sixteenth century. Many people really need crystal lights to match European-style furniture and accessories. In fact, there are also crystal lightings in the lighting market that blend with the Chinese national customs. There are two main points for crystal lightings to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning: 1.To maintain the long-term crystal transparency of crystal balls or crystal wafers, it is necessary to prevent oil fume from affecting the crystal lightings. 2. The cleaning of crystal lighting can be freely chosen to scrub the crystal ball or crystal wafer one by one. If it is really difficult, you can spray professional cleaning agents on the crystal lighting. The cleaning agent can remove the crystal ball or Dust on crystal chips. Free choice of quality: The price of a good “low price” light bulb depends on the factors “General lighting is usually a combination of hardware and glass. The amount of materials and variety requires the price of lighting, but the light has always been the first role of lighting, is to illuminate the” eyes “of the home, so we are free to choose lighting When the quality is tightly closed, pay attention to the quality of the bulb first. “After the customer buys the lamps, they may often need to change the light bulbs in the short term. This may be related to the customer’s own power consumption conditions. But generally, areas like Panyu have very good power consumption conditions. Customers choose Good light bulbs can be used for a long time and fixedly. Therefore, when choosing lighting fixtures freely, in addition to choosing the lighting fixtures that you want, you must also focus on the quality of the lights. Do not blindly insist on low prices. The price is more expensive, but it can be used for many years and does not have to be replaced multiple times, which is essentially a “low price”. “

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