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Ceiling Fans with LampCeiling Lights

Modern minimalist fan light

Due to the limitation of the installation location and the height of the ceiling, the traditional fan lamp will have certain safety hazards. Since the exposed fan blades will have the opportunity to injure people, the traditional fan lamp has a high risk factor. It is recommended to design a fan for the bedroom. The lamp can be used both as a lighting and as a fan, and the ceiling-type ultra-thin design is practical and safe.

Air hood: The fan blade is inside the air hood, which directly eliminates the safety hazard. The circulating air supply design allows the flowing air to circulate better, increase the wind receiving area, or adjust without rotating.

The fan ceiling lamp enjoys a quiet life: the entire fan blade is made of thick material, the fan blade thickness can reach 3mm, which ensures the smooth and safe operation of the fan, and the silent operation gives you a comfortable bottom noise environment.

High-quality eye-protection LED light source: new LED lens light source, soft light, no glare, no high-frequency interference, no high-frequency interference, no stroboscopic, thus protecting the eyes and brain.

There are also a lot of styles, with different sizes for a variety of rooms.

* 36 inches = lamp body diameter 38cm = fan blade diameter 93mm,

Applicable room: 5~10m2

* 42 inches = lamp body diameter 48cm = blade diameter 107mm,

Applicable room: 10~20m2

52 inches = lamp body diameter 58cm = fan blade diameter 137mm,

Applicable room: 15~30m2

Scope of application: classrooms, amusement parks, study rooms, children’s rooms, kindergartens, bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, balconies, small bedrooms, aisles, small living rooms, etc.

parameter:Style, modern simplicity

Material: Iron +Acrylic

Applicable places study, bedroom, dining room, living room, hotel room, children’s room

Voltage 110/220 (V)

Average service life 10000 (h)

Switch remote control

Light source type LED

Number of light sources 20 or more


  1. Turn off the power before installing, maintaining, repairing, and cleaning the power supply.
  2. The second step. Make sure the terminals are connected to prevent loosening or leakage.
  3. To ensure safety, hire an electrician to manage the installation.

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