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Ceiling LightsHow to Choose Light?

How to Choose Ceiling Lighting?

Down light shopping

Panel appearance: die cast aluminum, aluminum and stainless steel materials are selected for home decoration. The thicker the panel, the better.

Light cap: the main material is ceramic. The good spring of down light is made of aluminum, and a spring is installed under the contact point. The power line of the good light cap is a three wire wiring light cap, some of which will be equipped with wiring terminals.

Look at the details: focus on the quality of the bulb, transformer, light cup and button.

Color selection temperature: there are three types: 2700k (yellow light), 4000K (neutral light) and 6700k (white light).

Optional driver: there are many drivers for down light. It is recommended to choose IC dual capacitor driver, with longer service life.

Brand selection: it is recommended to try to choose the down light certified by 3C, and choose a regular brand manufacturer for purchase, safety is the most important.

Spotlight shopping

Choose low-voltage Spotlight: it is recommended that you choose low-voltage spotlight with longer service life and higher light efficiency.

Select high-quality light cup: the high-quality light cup adopts the vertical structure, and the light cup has a good concentration.

Look at the price of Spotlight: the larger the power factor, the better the light efficiency, the lower the power factor of cheap spotlight, and the higher the power factor of expensive spotlight.

Choose a good brand: the best choice to buy spotlights brand products, quality assurance.

Choose color temperature: warm white (3000-3500k), neutral white (4000-4500k), pure white (5000-6500), cold white (over 7000K)

Luminous effect: the angle of spotlight is 5 ° – 180 °. If you need a reflective effect, choose a large angle; if you need a spotlight effect, choose a small angle.

Whether there is drive: lights with drive have no stroboscopic, but shorter life; lights without drive have longer life, but slight stroboscopic.

Light band shopping

Look at the solder joints: the solder joints on the regular LED light strip are relatively smooth and the solder quantity is not much, and the solder joints extend from the FPC pad to the LED electrode in an arc shape.

Look at the packaging: the regular LED light belt will be packed with anti-static reels, usually 5 meters or 10 meters, and then sealed with anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bags.

Look at the label: there will be printed labels on the packaging bags and reels of regular LED lights, rather than printed labels.

Look at cleanliness: if the LED light belt produced by SMT process is used, its surface cleanliness is very good, and no impurities and stains can be seen.

Look at the quality of FPC: there are two types of FPC: copper and calendered copper. The best choice is calendered copper. The calendered copper is closely connected with FPC, which can be bent arbitrarily without falling off the pad.

See the attachment: the regular LED light belt will be attached with the instructions and specifications in the packing box, and it will also be equipped with LED light belt connector or card holder.

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