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Precautions for Down Light Installation

  1. Check the product. Before installing the down light, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the product to avoid affecting the use. In general, products with quality problems caused by non-human factors can be returned.
  2. Pay attention to cut off the power supply. In order to avoid electric shock during installation, disconnect the power supply before installing down light, especially before wiring. After the wiring is completed, the power supply can be turned on for inspection to ensure that the wiring is in good condition. In addition, it should be noted that the down light can not be touched by hand during use, otherwise it will cause safety problems.
  3. Pay attention to the installation position. Due to the heat generated on the surface of down light in the process of lighting, a certain distance shall be kept from the wall when the installation position is determined, so as to avoid too close to the wall, the heat emitted will make the wall yellow and reduce the indoor aesthetics. In addition, in the installation position, it is necessary to avoid the heat source in the home or the place where hot steam will be generated, so as to avoid the damage of these hot gases to the lamps and shorten the service life.
  4. Confirm the installation quantity. Before opening and installation, the number of down lights required shall be confirmed in advance to avoid any defect during installation. In addition, the confirmation quantity also means to determine the applicable power supply. If the high-voltage power supply is used, the power on and power off must not be too frequent.
  5. Pay attention to the space. Down light belongs to indoor lamp, which can not be used outdoors generally. If it needs to be used outdoors due to special circumstances, it must be waterproof during installation. In addition, for the space with ceiling, it is better to confirm the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling before installation. In order to ensure safety, the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling installed with down light must be about 10 times of the weight of the product itself.
  6. Pay attention to flatness. Because the down light mostly adopts the embedded installation mode, there is a certain requirement for the flatness of the installation position, which must be flat and free of fire hazards and vibration. In the process of installation and use, the collision or knocking of hard objects shall also be avoided to avoid damage.
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