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Precautions for Installation of Landscape Light

Common landscape lights are common on both sides of the city’s main streets, with a height of more than 9 meters, consisting of 8-12 acrylic spheres. The interior of these balls are mainly led corn lights. The brightness of these lights is not high. The purpose of installing them is to make them beautiful. Generally, this kind of landscape light takes into account not only the beauty, but also the lighting problems. Therefore, in the design structure, the landscape light manufacturers usually configure 400W high-pressure sodium light on the side of the pole body to provide road lighting.

When installing this kind of landscape light, we need to pay attention to the power line of the light. For example, the corn light of the landscape light is a total of ten 12W LED light sources, so the ten lights can share a 2.5m2 sheath line is enough. But the load of this line does not include the 400W high-pressure sodium light. In theory, a square of copper wire can withstand 1000W power, but this logic does not apply to the high-pressure sodium light, because the high-pressure sodium light needs a lot of voltage when it is started. If the wire is too long and too thin, it will cause the light to fail to start, or trip, or burn the wire.

No matter it is landscape light or high pole light, if it involves installing high-pressure sodium light or metal halide light, it requires 1 square line, it must tell the street light manufacturer that it must be equipped with 4 square lines. In consideration of the shortage of power lines and the height of road light pole, the thick line should be more secure. When some landscape lights are used after installation, they often trip. These problems are caused by the thin line or too small air switch. When customers purchase the landscape light or high pole light, they must emphasize the above problems to the light pole manufacturer to avoid future failure Necessary trouble.

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