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What Is The Name of A Candle-Like Lights? How about Electronic Candle Lights?

Lights are inseparable from people’s lives, and fewer and fewer people use candles, and they are gradually replaced by lights. What is the name of a candle-like light? Electronic candle lights, from the simple simulation of the shape of the candle at the beginning, to the current voice-activated candle lights, not only are their appearance more and more attractive, but also their functions are becoming more and more powerful. What about electronic candle lights?
What is the name of a candle-like lights?
The shape of the candle light is similar to the real candle. The electronic candle light (Electonic Candle light), also known as the electronic LED candle light, colorful candle light, made the LED wick from the simple simulation of the shape of the candle at the beginning. The 5th generation of voice-activated candle lights for hair dryers are becoming more and more powerful, capable of projecting, sensing sound, and inducing blowing; more and more colors are becoming more personalized and gift-oriented.
The small light bulb is installed at the position of the flame head of the electronic candle, and the temperature sensor and the microphone are installed near the small light bulb. When the fire source is close to the temperature sensor, the temperature sensor is heated to turn on the circuit, and then the voice control integrated circuit is triggered to light the small light bulb as if it were a lit candle.
How about electronic candle lights?
The sound signal is amplified by the amplifier circuit and detected by the comparison circuit. When the sound signal reaches the preset monitoring intensity, the comparison circuit outputs a pulse signal to the gate circuit to open the gate circuit, and sends the electrical signal to the power amplifier circuit to make the power amplifier The circuit is saturated and turned on, turning on the control device, and at the same time there is a clock circuit to maintain the conduction state.
This is a magical LED candle light: it combines romance, sentiment, warmth, festivals, and carnivals. The unique and innovative projection design makes the original bland LED candle light more radiant, which can meet the special needs of people from all walks of life Taste, can be used for birthday party, lantern festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas in the West, Halloween lights, suitable for all social groups of men, women and children. Can be used to give gifts, promotional gifts, advertising gifts, etc.
Electronic candle lamp features: safety and environmental protection, never heat, to avoid the occurrence of flame ignition. Beautiful and elegant, suitable for all kinds of candle holders. It can be used as a night light for lighting and other decorative purposes. Suitable for promotional gifts, hotels, bars, home decoration, churches, Halloween, Christmas gifts, etc.


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