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With These Lighting Kitchens can also Become Beautiful

  1. LED light bar under the cabinet

Install these strip lights directly under the cabinet to make your conditioning area and countertop bright and clear. LED strip lights are available in various lengths and need to be fused with each other, so even long tables can have ample and bright lights. Of course, you can also use the fixed wiring or simple insertion method to embed the lamps into the wall to create a simple and seamless appearance.

  1. Lighting under the cabinet

Like LED light bars, the light bar is also the best way to light the workbench, and it is also very convenient to install; as long as the directly fixed light bar device is used, carefully hang it under the workbench and arrange it neatly.

  1. Embedded decorative lights

The quickest way to give a new style to the kitchen is to enhance the lighting fixtures on the ceiling with a personal taste design, a penetrating device with decorative patterns, just like the cylindrical lamps with geometric patterns in the picture; and This dramatic transformation only requires you to pick up the screwdriver and turn it a few times and you’re done.

  1. Hanging chandelier

If the kitchen has a medium island or dining table, consider hanging several chandeliers on the ceiling. The chandeliers not only make the space more tasteful, they can also be used to help locate the kitchen, becoming more specific in open-plan rooms.

  1. Round chandelier

The small disc-shaped chandelier can be easily installed in any place where the light source is required, from the bottom of the cabinet to the inside of the drawer, or the dark corner of the food storage cabinet. These round lamps can be inserted or fixed. But the easiest way to install it is a rechargeable LED round lamp, which can last for 30,000 hours, and needs to be suspended using very simple appliances (velcro, buckle, etc.).

  1. Cabinet lighting

For lighter or darker cabinetry, lighting is very useful. It is installed in front of the glass cabinet to add a comfortable and loving atmosphere. It can also be used to set off the best cake stand and beautiful wine glasses.

  1. Cabinet lighting

It is a practical option to install light bars or strip lights above the cabinet. Installing them on the top of the cabinet can create an elegant candlelight effect, and the pure beauty projected on the ceiling.

  1. Track lighting

If the single light of the ceiling in the kitchen cannot effectively divide the sense of light into the space, the track light will be a perfect solution. Using the junction box on the ceiling, you can install a track light system, according to market demand, sunlight in the ideal location.

  1. Exquisite artistic chandeliers

Compared to very simple chandeliers on the ceiling, changing some more dramatic lighting designs can give unexpected results. Even in the kitchen, you don’t have to be afraid of fancy changes. Because of the very simple and practical elements in the kitchen, it is often easy to balance the exquisiteness and gorgeousness brought by the chandeliers.

The design of kitchen lighting must add a lot to the kitchen and create a unique feature for the kitchen.

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