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How Appropriate is The Brightness of The Table Lamp?

With the continuous advancement of technology, the lamp bulbs on the market are roughly divided into five types: incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, eye protection lamps, and led lamps. Due to the huge pressure of people’s work and study, the use of table lamps in daily life continues to increase, so how many watts of lamps are suitable for table lamps? If the table lamp is used improperly, it may cause damage to eyesight. Studying and working under too strong and too dark lights has a great impact on the eyesight. The room lamp lighting in the home is generally a 40-watt or 60-watt fluorescent lamp, but using fluorescent lamps to study and work will have a very bad effect on eyesight. How many watt bulbs are suitable for table lamps? I believe that most people don’t know much about this issue. The application of lighting in the use of table lamps also has a non-negligible effect. Not only need to use table lamps in the study and work process, but also turn on other lights in the room. This can effectively reduce the damage to eyes caused by the difference between light and dark in the lighting project. Fluorescent lamps emit a cold fluorescent band with a grayish blue hue. The light will make the text pattern lack a sharp outline, which leads to eye fatigue. The color temperature of the lamp tube directly determines the softness of the light to a large extent. The color temperature value is preferably 4500K-5200K between.

The table lamp has a great influence on people’s visual health during use, and to a certain extent directly determines the deepening and slowing of vision. Children must pay attention to preventing the damage of strong light to their eyesight during the process of using their eyes, and timely prevent learning and reading under too strong light. How many watt bulbs are suitable for table lamps? Most of the lamp bulbs on the market now use 40-watt or 20-watt fluorescent lamps, which can effectively ensure the lighting effect of 400-700 lux. Most of the children’s desk lamps use energy-saving lamps of about 30 watts or 12 watts, and the color temperature is between 4000K-4500K.

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