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How to Clean Crystal Chandelier?

As for the cleaning of crystal light, it is not as complicated as imagined. Before cleaning, some preparations should be made. For example, prepare the cleaning spray special for crystal light, which is easy to get in the exclusive store, and the price is not expensive. It is much easier to use it than to scrub it with clear water. Just spray it on the surface of the crystal light and wait quietly. When the detergent volatilizes, the dust on the surface of the crystal light will be taken away together, which is very convenient and convenient. If you already have detergent, skip the previous step.

If it is still not clean, it is best to remove the crystal light, let it soak in clear water, and then use detergent. As long as it is not damaged, you can wash it as you like. After the water stains on the light are completely dry, you can install the crystal light.

If you really can’t buy detergent, let’s make do with other methods. For example, use a long and soft brush. It’s better to use a brush type. Do not use a paint brush. The longer the better, gently rub back and forth on the crystal light surface, friction will produce static electricity to take away dust. Then use the wet soft cloth to scrub back and forth for many times, which can wipe off the stubborn dust remaining on the surface of the crystal light.

If meet those with clear water can’t wipe clean stains, that can only change kerosene, kerosene can dissolve some water-insoluble stains, very easy to clean. Generally, the crystal light used at home is cleaned. First, use a small bowl with a shallow bottom to install about two-thirds of kerosene, then carefully remove the components on the crystal light, soak them in kerosene for a few minutes, and then take them out and wipe them with a clean cotton cloth. But how can the crystal light soaked in kerosene be directly hoisted back? Clean kerosene completely with mild soapy water, and then hang the crystal light cleaned with soapy water back, which is more appropriate.

Secondly, when the crystal light is cleaned, it is troublesome to remove the parts completely. Is there a way to clean it without disassembly? Use the detergent for crystal light. In the process of spraying, the floating dust of crystal ball and crystal piece will be taken away with the volatilization of liquid, which is very easy and fast. In the process of use, use some soft cloth, dip in some water diluted by detergent, wipe gently on the front and back, and pay attention not to damage the light vigorously.

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